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ca_abarro Posts: 66

Good day...

Im an owner of T68 R1C. There is an option to use SyncML over wap as everyone sees it in the connect options and this is a great feature. I want to know how is it being done? What are the things needed to do this? Do I need to configure myOwn SyncML server to do this...or Is there any public servers that provides same functionality...

I havent found answer since I bought my phone last Dec. 2001, any idea is greatly appreciated...
Posted: 2002-01-24 07:32:00
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ditzygal Posts: 43

I only know of two servers that are SyncML compatible. The Microsoft Exchange Server and the Lotus Domino, both of which require a software licence to upgrade for the SYNCML function. I believe FusionOne offers the service for a monthly fee and you would have to use their servers. I have a document somewhere describing what was needed in order to upgrade our office systems. Check out this site. Could'nt tell you much more.

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Posted: 2002-02-02 07:03:00
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