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Ninja Dom Posts: 66

Very Nice piece of software.

Works fine with my K750i.

Can you tell me what folder on my PC that archived SMS/Text Messages are stored to???
Posted: 2005-10-04 10:41:06
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carkitter Posts: > 500

Wow! MPE 1.2 update is great!

Love the new Calender graphic!
Good idea to put the MemoryStatus under Other. Easy to access.
Good improvements all round.

The Official Rugby Topic

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Posted: 2005-10-04 10:41:57
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Shit_Happens Posts: 30

thnx for the update! people who already have 1.41 version can just download the update and it will update MPE to 1.2

excellent software...faster that SE suite and FMA!

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Posted: 2005-10-04 10:55:11
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zillertaler Posts: 156

@neox: No Data are lost if you don't deinstalled MyPhoneExplorer. Please send me the Debugfile (C:\Programs\MyPhoneExplorer\debug.txt) with a exact error description if possible (errormessages, screenshots,...)

@Ninja Dom: The smsarchive is stored in [MyPhoneExplorerpath]\[Userpath]\sms.dat. But its not recommed to work with this file. better you export these messages to a seperate sms-File.

For users which use the DSS-20 or DSS-25:
- 115200 Baud -> works, fileupload up to 12 KB/s
- 256000 Baud -> don't work
- 406800 Baud -> new, works with 30 KB/uploadspeed !!

Regards FJ
Posted: 2005-10-04 18:19:53
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neox Posts: 175

I tried several times to perfrom the update to 1.2, but to no evail... So, I uninstalled MPE 1.1.41 (ouch!).... but I have made a backup using it last week, so i have the backup file!!!...
I did enjoy MPE... while it was working..

I will send you the debug file when i get home tonight.... The weird thing is: I dont get any error messages or popups or anything.. The installation is perfromed without any glitches (first, i donwloaded the '1.19MB' file, installed that.. then i downloaded the update file ~'753k'.)... then, when i load the program, it loads up, and flashes for 1sec.. and shuts itself off... Do you think it's conflicting with something... I closed all other apps too, same outcome...
Posted: 2005-10-04 19:52:28
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zillertaler Posts: 156

Please also try this microsoft patch

If you write me the mail please also submit me your languagesetting on computer, the OS (Win98, XP ?) and some things which are not standard on your machine (if you think, this could hav something to do with this).

Then install version 1.1.41 once more. Does this version work ?

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Posted: 2005-10-05 00:07:36
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stirlsilver Posts: 13

Appears to be a very nice program! However using my K750i through both bluetooth and the USB cable I can't access any of my contacts, organiser or messages! Any ideas? The Calls, Files and Other tabs work fine tho...
Posted: 2005-10-05 05:48:49
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gareb Posts: > 500

It's workin´ greatly with my K750.
Posted: 2005-10-05 06:36:13
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neox Posts: 175


Running on XP Pro.. English.. downloaded ver 1.2 (1.19MB).. I installed 1.1.41, then ran 1.2 on top... MPE loaded up, flashed for 1 sec and then shut itself down...same as previous.... what is the update file for (731KB)???? i have included the debug file u requested:

Logdatei MyPhoneExplorer
Programmversion: 1.2.0
Datum: 10/4/2005

23:21:25.37 Setting Port: 10
23:21:25.38 Setting Baud: 256000
23:21:25.39 Avaiable Ports: COM1=DeviceSerial0, COM3=DevicePTSerial0, COM9=DeviceSerial8, COM10=DeviceSerial9, COM11=DeviceSerial10, COM12=DeviceSerial11, COM13=DeviceSerial12, COM14=DeviceSerial13, COM15=DeviceSerial14, COM16=DeviceSerial15, COM17=DeviceSerial16, COM18=DeviceSerial17, COM19=DeviceSerial18,
23:21:25.42 frmSplash geladen
23:21:25.98 Mainfenster wird geladen
23:21:26.12 Sidebar fertig geladen
23:21:26.12 Aktiviere Subclassing
23:21:26.16 UC Phonebook wird geladen
23:21:26.29 UC Phonebook fertig geladen
23:21:26.50 Setting Lastuser: Sony Ericsson K750 [3565xxxxxxxxxx2]
23:21:26.66 Grid_Tel: wird aktualisiert
23:21:26.67 Grid_Tel: Einträge wurden gelöscht
23:21:26.76 Grid_Tel: wird sortiert
23:21:26.80 Grid_Tel: wurde aktualisiert
23:21:26.82 Grid_Sim: wird aktualisiert
23:21:26.83 Grid_Sim: Einträge wurden gelöscht
23:21:26.90 Grid_SIM: sortiere Einträge
23:21:26.94 Grid_SIM: wurde aktualisiert
23:21:26.99 UC Filebrowser wird geladen
23:21:27.04 UC Notes wird geladen
23:21:27.08 UC Organizer wird geladen
23:21:27.23 DoItemupdate (Calendar)
23:21:27.27 Setcalendarview: True
23:21:27.28 Usercontrol_Resize (Organizer)
23:21:27.29 Setze Hauptmenütitel
23:21:27.31 Lösche Aufgaben im Hauptmenü
23:21:27.35 Bringe Kalender in den Vordergrund
23:21:27.37 Dimensionen für Todoliste werden angefordert

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Posted: 2005-10-05 08:26:53
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forka2k Posts: 25

I have the same problem like neox. My PC running Windows XP SP2 English with Bulgarian Regional Settings. Here is my debug log:

Logdatei MyPhoneExplorer
Programmversion: 1.2.0
Datum: 05.10.2005 ?.

10:12:40.96 Setting Port:
10:12:40.96 Setting Baud:
10:12:40.96 Avaiable Ports: COM3=Winachsf0, COM8=DeviceBthModem1, COM9=DeviceBthModem0, COM10=DeviceBthModem2,
10:12:40.99 frmSplash geladen
10:12:41.38 Mainfenster wird geladen
10:12:41.45 Sidebar fertig geladen
10:12:41.45 Aktiviere Subclassing
10:12:41.46 UC Phonebook wird geladen
10:12:41.50 UC Phonebook fertig geladen
10:12:41.62 Setting Lastuser:
10:12:41.65 UC Filebrowser wird geladen
10:12:41.66 UC Notes wird geladen
10:12:41.67 UC Organizer wird geladen


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Posted: 2005-10-05 09:14:25
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