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Tebra Posts: 16

my home network has change his name.
Is it possible to entre the new name on my T39? If yes, how?
Posted: 2002-01-25 10:57:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

Go to settings > networks > preferred nets

select your home network, and can rename it frm there
Posted: 2002-01-26 03:42:00
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Tebra Posts: 16

It don't work.
If I select my network in "pref net" menu, I can change his position and I can see his full name but I can't rename it.
Posted: 2002-01-26 12:24:00
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fernando Posts: 47

Hello Tebra,

I remember a Ericsson GF 788e with the name of the provider way back then. The provider changed itīs name and they must have given a notice to E/// because after an sw update the new name appeared on the screen. I think this is still the case for newer phones. I suggest a sw update.
Posted: 2002-02-04 01:26:00
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