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xj9 Posts: 17

i just got my z520i last week and i must say i am very pleased. i really like clameshell phones and se just did it. the only thing that bothers me is the camera, it says it has the same resolution as that of my old k508i, but it seems the k508i is crispier or is it because k508i comes with a 65536 number of colors and my new z520i only have 65k? any ideas?

all in all... i just love it!
Posted: 2006-09-26 15:47:06
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tele_xpert Posts: 5
offer this set cheapest rate..
its true noboby beats their price !!!

Product Description

If a cool clamshell with every possible customizing option is what you want, Z520 is your phone. You can change the front and back covers, have any combination of ringtones, images, and light effects play when a call comes in. And you can have a combination for favorite friends in your phone book. Z520 is all about sharing. It has an easy-to-use VGA camera with video recording to capture fun moments and Bluetooth™ and MMS to share them. A speakerphone loudspeaker gives your original artist Music tones the sound they deserve. Z520 is all about expressing yourself. Do it.

for details Specifications :

u can visit :
Posted: 2006-11-01 16:37:32
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cammerv8 Posts: 73

i missed mine, i had one and after 4-5 years the FLEX just died!!!!!
i was the firt and las owner of the phone, but think 4years is long time for a cell phone !!!!!
Posted: 2007-07-15 23:42:41
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