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urnotx Posts: 45

another thing...the faceplate color fades too fast especially on the corners.

Posted: 2005-12-14 16:23:17
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Sammy_boy Posts: > 500

Another thing I like which is a new feature is the over the air update service - you can update your firmware wherever you are over a GPRS connection, no need for SyncStations! It will even prompt you monthly to check for updates if you want it to.

The 'Nokia' style changing profiles etc. by one press of the power button is very good too.

However, the speaker, earphone and flash LED tests in the service test menu still don't work though, even with a sim card inserted! Bit of a bug there, methinks.
Posted: 2005-12-14 18:58:30
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brook-stone6 Posts: 11

hi i only got my w550i today (i love it) the only thing is that file manger and pc suite dont work they dont find my phone
btw what is the newest firmware
i have CXC1250031
Posted: 2006-04-09 00:05:22
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scapevlocity Posts: 290


W550 firmware and bugs
Posted: 2006-04-09 00:23:31
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harjot47 Posts: 48

East or west, w550i is the best.
Posted: 2007-08-19 18:21:00
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