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benjytrainer Posts: 43


I just found this forum after having some "teething troubles" with the T68 - remember the old "can only use ip addresses for email servers" problem !?? I suggested that the Vodafone UK support guy might want to put an insert in the box when sold, this had not even dawned on him !

Anyway, first of all THANKS to everyone that posts on here - its been a real education !

So here are the questions - I dont think these have all been answered in one place so it would be good to get a definitive answer - bear in mind I have gone as far as I can with the manual but it is cr*p in my opinion

1) software ( this is related honest ) - I want to get my phone upgraded to R2A, but cannot find anywhere nearby ( READING UK ) - the sonyericsson website does NOT help, and was not finding ANYWHERE with a service centre when I checked. Before I upgrade I need to ...

2) backup the phone - whats the best way to do this ? Is it just to sync the contact data with Outlook ?

3) When I put my SIM in from a previous 8850, the T68 asked me to copy across my numbers from the SIM. I did this, but it has placed all the numbers in the "home" number, rather than in mobile or work - now, the nokia had a limited amount of characters so I used to abbreviate peoples names and the type of number ( as most people do ) - is there any easy way to sort this out ? Or would I have to do it manually ? The only quick way I can think of is to build a definitive Outlook contacts and then sync it with the phone, which brings me nicely on to ...

3) connections - there seem to be a number of ways to get the T68 to talk to a PC - infra red, cable, and bluetooth. However, I would like to know the definitive names for both the infra red and data cables. The MP3 player comes with an infra red port in the pack, so is this worth buying - or does this infra red port only do mp3 file transmission ?

I hope they get the speed of the menus sorted out soon, and hopefully a service centre ( when I find one ) can sort out the problem of squeaky keys !!!


benjy t
Posted: 2002-01-29 12:28:00
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arnoldc Posts: > 500

2) When the firmware is upgraded, you won't lose the info. But to answer your question, you can use a) Ericsson Phone Book & Text Message Manager or b) Phonebackup from

3) I used the Ericsson Phone Book & Text Message Manager to sort this out

4) [was labeled 3) ] I use a serial cable (DRS-10, but you should get DRS-11 if available). It is reliable and works with Windows XP.
Posted: 2002-01-29 12:39:00
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