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Zamarov Posts: 89

Hello everyone, I've been keeping track of this forum and I'm really impressed u have tried every available option in the t68 that I'm wondering how the Ericsson people get away with their bugs!!!!!

my t68 has the R1C software, it did not come with its software like my t39 so I upgraded my Ericsson Communications Suite that comes with the T39 from, R1A04 to R3A02 and I used it with the T68, it was working fine till suddenly one day it hanged and when I started it none of my T39 or T68 were viewable, I could only see the trash bin, so I tried to link my T68 again (I use the IR port) it coppied all the contacts and SMSs again, but once the synchronization was done I couldn't see any numbers in the the phone or the Sim card!!!!! and everytime I start it it doesn't save my contacts it has to resynchronize again, any Idea y????
by the way it was working fine for 2 months!!!!
Posted: 2002-01-29 19:58:00
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