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ali_baba Posts: 145

Hi EsatonianS!
I'm using a Motorola MPx200 running Windows Mobile 5.0
And it seems dat Esato Forum is missin a WM section... so i thought it'd b a gud idea 2 begin a dedicated forum, in which any1 who is using/hav used/plannin 2 use, a WindowsMobile Smartfon/Pocket PC cud share their views/doubts/ideas/tips etc. in this forum.
Anyway i'd keep postin here somethin dat may help som 1st time WM users(esp thos frm India!)
So frnds... U r welcom 2 JOIN THE PARTY!!
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:01:20
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masseur Posts: > 500

well, you might like to start by lettnig us know how you got windows mobile 5 onto your mpx200?

as I recall, that was a very buggy implementation of windows mobile 2002 for smartphones originally (the mpx220 improved on that quite a bit)
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:06:32
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ali_baba Posts: 145

AirTel Live! settings for WM2005(also 4 WM2003/SE) Sfone

This can b used as a reference 4 entering AirTel's Mobile Office(full GPRS) settings and the method may even work for BSNL, Hutch and iDEA settings. The same settings can b used 4 WM2003/SE, even though the menu structure is different. U'd hav to find the correspondin menu by comparin the menu name. In WM2003 the settings shud b entered in the Data Connections menu.
Note: Even if u configure for AirTel live ur AirTel homepage may not load in Pocket IE. It may give an `Error at the Gateway´ msg. AirTel says its because the site doesnt support Pocket IE. But u may refer 2 the link below 4 som interestin facts!

-Go 2 Connections
-Select GPRS
-Clik Menu and select Add
-In the Description field enter; Airtel live
-In the Connects to field select; The Internet
-In the Access Point field enter;
-Leave other fields blank and save the settings

-Go bak 2 Connections menu and select Proxy
-Create a new profile with Airtel live as Description
-In the Connects From field select; The Internet
-In the Connects To field select; WAP Network
-In the Proxy(name:port) field enter;
-Select HTTP as Type of connection
-Leave all other fields blank and save the profile.

-Now get bak 2 Connections menu and select Advanced from Menu button
-Now select Options from the Menu button
-Redial attempt shud be set to None
-Idle Disconnect After shud b set to None
-My Desktop Connects To shud be set to WAP Network and clik Done
-Now select the WAP Connection field and select Airtel live and click Done to get bak to the Start Menu

-Open IE, select Menu»Tools»Options
-Select Connection
-UnTick, Automatically Detect Settings option
-In the Select Network field, select WAP Network and clik Done
Now AirTel live is configured in ur Windows smartfon!
AirTel gprs(Mobile Office) and GPRS 4 other operators can also b configured as such if u know the settings like APN and IP:Port(and even DNS/UserName/Password 4 som operators). Everything else remains same. Port No. shud be 8080 for HTTP connection and it shud be 9201 for WAP(only 4 AirTel). I don knw whether there is any change in this settings region frm region. But the steps remains same. The above settings are those used in Kerala, India. To know whether this's the same settings in ur region jus contact ur customer care.
Hop this helps...
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:19:45
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tindo196 Posts: 252

ye i would also like to know how u got wm5 on that device and a couple of pics to back up your claim will be much greatly appreciated
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:20:27
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ali_baba Posts: 145

@ masseur

Wel man u'd need ur Mpx200, USB cable, Motorola upgrade Wizard and the WM2k5 rom for mpx200......
and oh yes a PC!!!!!

Wel guys don mind the start menu. i had it edited

[ This Message was edited by: ali_baba on 2006-03-29 14:31 ]

[ This Message was edited by: ali_baba on 2006-03-29 14:32 ]
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:23:16
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masseur Posts: > 500

thats great!

I just never heard of the upgrade being available for mpx200 on the forums I watch

are there any negatives about the upgrade, since the hardware is that old?

I recall when upgrading some of my older ipaqs to newer versions that not all features would work each time, mostly due to the amount of memory of the older hardware
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:35:09
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ali_baba Posts: 145

Hop that satisfys evry1......
Wel if any1 is interested in upgradin Pm me.....

Wel 4 me this is the best ROM 4 an Mpx200..... I think This is better than a WM2003/se in case of memory management and S/W support....
wel i'l be bak with mor news tomrw....
til then bye!!!

[ This Message was edited by: ali_baba on 2006-03-29 14:40 ]
Posted: 2006-03-29 15:37:33
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Amax Posts: 341

i have actually said that you can get wm5 on the old mpx200 a few times before... i guess that nobody reads that i write
Posted: 2006-03-29 21:24:40
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mrao Posts: > 500

Any tips on whether WM5 can be loaded on a JAM??
Posted: 2006-03-30 14:25:00
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ali_baba Posts: 145

Don know whether there is a WM5 upgrade 4 Jam. It's more unlikely 2 hav an upgrade frm a WM2k3 PPC 2 WM2k5.....
its said that, the Mpx200 ROM was available bcause it was used as a test device for the WM5 development.......
U may find the link below useful 4 gettin various ROM updates 4 ur imate....
Posted: 2006-04-01 13:45:07
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