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lanwarrior Posts: 12

Hi Guys,

I am trying to access the Net via GPRS by connecting my T68 with the iPaq 3760 via infrared. But so far I have been unsuccessful.

The problem I am having is that the iPaq and T68 doesn't seem to be able to "talk" to each other via infrared. The T68 infrared works just fine and so is the iPaq (BOTH can connect to the PC).

No driver is required for the iPaq. As a matter of fact, my local provider, Singtel (Singapore) have step-by-step settings to configure the Dial-up connection in the iPaq for GPRS access.

Please let me know. Thanks.

Posted: 2002-01-31 07:58:00
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mdkia Posts: 168

maybe you need pacemaker

...but i'm not sure because my t68 and my ipaq were working fine since i bought them and i had pacemaker already installed on the ipaq was bundled.

hope this helps!:)
Posted: 2002-01-31 08:21:00
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lanwarrior Posts: 12

Hi mdkia,

Thanks for the help. I heard from others that you don't actually need the Pacemaker, but certain iPaq have some "bugs". Some got it to work by editing the PocketPC Registry, some just couldn't get it to work at all.

I am trying to do a hard reset and see if I can connect. I was ABLE to connect once, but then no longer can. Maybe some application is messing up the PocketPC OS?

But does anyone have any issues such as mine?
Posted: 2002-01-31 08:34:00
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cavneb Posts: 1

I use my 3760 with my t68 to connect to the internet all the time, without the peacemaker program. Works every time no problem.

Just make sure you have entered your dialup information properly and connect to the internet from the dialup connection. It's hard to explain more without knowing what you're doing yourself.

Posted: 2002-01-31 12:47:00
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lanwarrior Posts: 12

Do you use the Bluetooth feature or Infrared? I am using infrared and no connection can be made. The 3670 try to make infrared connection to the T68 but the phone doesn't pick up the signal, nothing happened.
Posted: 2002-01-31 13:01:00
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jh67 Posts: > 500

One upgrade you probably will need for the Ipaq, is this one :

The update is called : pocket pc 2002 Update1 EUU1.

It should fix some problems when using e.g. gprs, web-connection and email-settings and so on.

I downloaded this one. Will install it on my H3870, which I'll get next week.


Posted: 2002-02-01 01:03:00
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Indeed Posts: 67

JH67, that upgrade isn't the full Pocket PC 2002 upgrade package for Ipaq's. It just upgrades a few registries on Ipaq's that are already running PPC 2002.

Pocket PC 2002 can already communicate with a T68 via infrared for sending and receiving (tones, logos, phonebook) and also for email & internet.

Pocket PC 2000 can be used for email and internet but an additional software (Pacemaker) is needed for tones, logos and phonebook.
Posted: 2002-02-01 18:54:00
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GrandeNo Posts: 5

What kind of Pacemaker? standard or Professional?
Posted: 2002-02-01 21:22:00
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