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ionur Posts: 103

My Palm V is running Palm OS 3.1.1
T68 is R1B
I am trying to connect to my ISP (infrared connection between phone and palm) but no success so far. I think this might be due to the software version of my Palm V. It's 2 years old without any OS upgrades. Is it possible to get online with this equipment or do I need a Palm OS ugrade (or maybe a T68 modem driver or some other software)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
Posted: 2002-01-31 15:00:00
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autgard Posts: 3


I run a program called PAPI mail on my palm,and it works fine on the t68. However, I have softwareversion 3.5 on my Palm V.
Papimail is shareware, and is available on
I'm also able to transfer (not synchronize) adress/phone#'s from the Palm to the T68.
Have run T68/PalmV on both R1c and R2A software on th T68.
Posted: 2002-01-31 18:45:00
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