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Jowi Posts: > 500

its 13.5T @ semicon
Posted: 2002-10-18 16:06:00
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bonito99 Posts: 368

The Mobile1 store sells mobile phones at a higher price than Semicon.
Although they get newer models earlier, it still wouldn't justify the jacked-up price. For specs... try or
Posted: 2002-10-19 17:27:00
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jplacson Posts: > 500

Get it from Semicon... warranty from Semicon is also honored internationally since Semicon is a recognized dealer of SE. Mobile 1 has ridiculously high prices for HK models... most of their handsets are the chinese version which poses problems for service here in the Philippines.

The T600 is triband... better keys than it's older sibling the T66... costs P16K in Mobile 1 (3 month warranty) and P13.5K in Semicon 1 year international warranty.
Posted: 2002-10-19 17:54:00
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Jamill Posts: 3

Thanks all. I saw it at Semicon today, but I do not have enough money for it now.

So, I'm just gonna buy it in Denmark.

Anyways thanks.
Posted: 2002-10-20 12:05:00
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