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spikeyjac Posts: > 500

hi doing a science essay does anyone know the approximate of people around the world that use a mobile phone each day?
Posted: 2006-12-28 14:43:49
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mikespal Posts: 57

FromWorldwide, cell phone sales have increased from slightly more than 100 million units per year in 1997 to an estimated 779 million units per year in 2005. Cell phone sales are projected to exceed 1 billion units per year in 2009, with an estimated 2.6 billion cell phones in use by the end of that year.

USGS fact sheet 2006-3097
And that is just the sales!
In 2005 worldwide there were 2.14 billion mobile phone subscribers.just how many use their phone each day is not stated.
Posted: 2006-12-28 16:40:37
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harveystanfo Posts: 1

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Posted: 2015-09-04 08:57:02
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