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sounds good! (pun intended!)

CTIA, Las Vegas, March 27, 2007 - SRS Labs, (NASDAQ: SRSL), a leading supplier of audio, voice and surround sound technology solutions, today announced the availability of new SRS WOW HD™ and SRS Mobile HD™ audio drivers for Windows Mobile 6. Windows Mobile device manufacturers may license these audio solutions to enable a 5.1 surround headphone listening experience for mobileTV and video applications. Further, device manufacturers and mobile operators can rest assured knowing that these audio technologies have achieved “Designed for Windows Mobile” certification through the Windows Mobile 2 Market certification and marketing program.

Designed for mobile broadcast services like Digital Video Broadcast - Handheld (“DVB-H”) and for digital video downloads, the SRS Headphone 360™ technology in SRS Mobile HD is a full audio rendering solution that enables handset makers and mobile operators the ability to deliver an immersive surround sound headphone experience with low battery impact for the exploding Mobile TV and mobile video market. With SRS Mobile HD, Windows Mobile users can experience "personal" 5.1 home‑theater surround on the go, through their own favorite headphones or earbuds – the SRS software on the handset does the processing.

SRS WOW HD, ideal for mobile music applications, provides fidelity to digitally compressed music through the use of patented, psychoacoustic techniques. SRS WOW HD creates an ultra wide sound field with richer lows and brighter highs so consumers are engaged in an immersive, more realistic audio experience. Windows Mobile device makers have been using SRS WOW HD not only to deliver superior 3D stereo and bass listening experience for music over headphones, but it is also a very useful tool to tune the sound quality of the speaker(s) built into the handset. Using SRS Labs’ proprietary psychoacoustic techniques, people are able to perceive improved sound imaging with improved high and low frequencies.

“With the release of Windows Mobile 6 comes a new wave of functionality for business professionals and consumers alike,” said Mike Canevaro, senior director of business development, SRS Labs. “These functions include music and Mobile TV services where our audio drivers make all the difference. By adding SRS audio solutions to Windows Mobile 6 devices, consumers, professionals, carriers, and device makers are ensured the highest quality audio experience possible.”

Each of the audio drivers are easy‑to‑implement and sit within the audio path. They enhance any audio going through the ARM‑based multimedia applications processors such as Texas Instruments’ OMAP devices and Marvell’s PXA-27x (formerly Intel Xscale) processors. Additionally, SRS Labs delivers a full consumer graphical user interface that can be customized by the handset maker.

"Microsoft is committed to a vibrant partner ecosystem that empowers partners to use the strength and versatility of our platform to meet individual user needs," said John Dietz, group product manager at Microsoft Corp. “We’re excited to see SRS Labs continue their tradition of providing unique audio focused software for hardware makers with an eye to Windows Mobile 6 devices.”

SRS Labs will be demonstrating these new audio solutions in the Microsoft Windows Mobile booth, #963, Hall A2 from March 27 – 29, 2007 during the CTIA Convention in Orlando, FL. Demonstrations of SRS WOW HD and SRS Headphone 360, as well as SRS’ audio solutions for Bluetooth devices, will also be available in SRS Labs’ booth #463‑EE in the MTertainment Pavilion.
Posted: 2007-03-31 22:27:06
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Ranjith Posts: > 500

is this a "MUSIC SERIES" for Windows Mobie?

Posted: 2007-04-01 08:16:49
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