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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Sony Ericsson W960i Mini-Review 11/09/07

It was another mission to get hold of this beauty but again worth every mile and penny

Had it for a few days and must admit it's easy to fall in love with.

Just thought i'd do a mini-review for my fellow Esato members as i did with the P1i

Anyways here we go, not the best reviewer me but i've done me best.....

No Drooling please!!!!

edit: Video of the phone Here

and another video and another!

Video taken by the W960i Camera outdoors

First some pictures of the beauty

A video of the phone in action, not the best quality but to give you an idea!
Noice when clicking is the surface not the phone lol
Sorry about the hand movements with the camera..

Comparison Shots

Box contents of my Proto

You will get more in the final version

Build Quality

Must admit feels quite strong, buttons is what i like very much as its easy to press and text.
Screen is very strong. So far not experienced any creaks, wobbles or loose battery cover.
I find it much different to the W950i build quality wise, prefer this i must say. have definately paid attention to detail on this product and the screen is not like previous models,
it is level with the buttons and very tough, like it alot.
The back of the phone is simple and love the trim around the Lens myself.
Stylus is new and different to the P1i, W950i, will take time getting use to.
Connector for lanyard on the side same as the P1i.
Light comes on when charging the phone, green colour.


There were a lot of complaints about the screen on the m600i, w950i and p990i,
Mainly about itís visibility outdoors. I can say this has been improved significantly by
Itís not the best screen in the outdoors but it is very much clearer and brighter.
The 2.6Ē touch-sensitive display is brilliant for watchin Videos and net surfing.
Touchscreen is very efficient, very hard and stronger than previous models.

UIQ Performance

Multitasking made easy with the W960i, Opened many applications showed no lagging, no slowing down
and overall very easy to use, many applications similar to before.
Watch the video shown above to show speed of applications opening!
application looking good as ever, different moods available to suit any occasion.
Memory at startup shows 76.3mb.
Space available on phone is 7.832gb shown in file manager.


Video Playback, tested video playback at 30 frames per second, which is the superb & smooth.
Same as TV quality encoded through M3 Converter.
Audio Playback, very loud compared to the W950i and P990i and crystal clear.
Speakers show no signs of hissing when playing music or video.
I think this is the loudest phone so far, check the video above which will show what i mean!

Picture Quality

Samples at 3.2mp:

4 photos Uploaded in the Esato Camera phone photos section.
You can enlarge the pictures to see full quality.
More pics will follow if i have more time with the phone!

A video recorded by the Camera outdoors here:
See if you can work out how many frames per second it is?


Wifi as good as the P1i, no problems encountered.
Tested Bluetooth, transfer rate very much quicker than with my W580i and W880i.
USB test not carried out yet.


Don't like the new stylus, maybe its because i'm use to the old P series stylus'!
Fingerprints can remain visible on the screen but not too bad, i'm a little fussy
lanyard connector still on the side same as the P1i, not the best place i think..
Green light comes on when charging at the bottom, stays on! May change in final product!


8gb memory is MASSIVE and will take time to fill up, great for Music and Video fanatics liek me.
Love the Huge screen again great for Videos and surfing the Net and touchscreen, so its brilliant.
Size and weight is brilliant perfectly fits in the pocket, love the build quality.
Transfer rate with PC is very quick.
Wifi works brilliantly using Opera.
Music and Video playback very loud and smooth, no distortions.
Multitasking is easy and flawless on this device.

Overall thoughts

For a prototype the W960i has not done a bad job at all, feels like the final product really does.
Very impressed with the phone functions, applications and the high performance media player.
No need to take an Mp3 player or camera anywhere, just need the W960i.
A definate variet packed, entertainment package from
Video and MP3 fanslike myself can't complain about storage no more
have made another great device, should be a hot seller without doubt
This review has been made on a Prototype and is subject to possible change on the final product

There you go folks, thats all i can say really so far! I still need to carry out more tests
such as video recording, USB transfer speeds, also need to carry out a battery test watching a
full DVD quality video on the phone, if i get time with the phone surely i will.

As always these protos are sold with high demand, currently advertised in the Esato market.
If interested make me an offer by PM and enjoy what i think is indeed a quality package from

Any Q's feel free to ask!


4 MANKIND | MUST SEE VIDEOS +87 feedbacks Esato & +306 ebay - 2nd Highest Trader on Esato

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Posted: 2007-09-11 21:59:59
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hgautam Posts: > 500

Posted: 2007-09-11 22:00:47
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Aware Posts: > 500


Glad you're enjoying the phone, too!

Posted: 2007-09-11 22:06:10
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PeterKay Posts: > 500


Posted: 2007-09-11 22:06:52
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xironghostx Posts: > 500

that sounds like an awsome phone, thx
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:06:55
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hgautam Posts: > 500

"I think this is the loudest SE phone so far, check the video above which will show what i mean!"

Is it really that loud and clear PK??? U have used W910 as well, right... Are they both equally loud or W960 louder???

Thanks a lot for the review!!!

Edit: Can't use the speakers at moment so can't check the video's audio..

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Posted: 2007-09-11 22:09:04
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cristiano Posts: > 500

the video recording seems very good and i think it's better than P1
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:11:10
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kyle_274 Posts: 125

PK..................can u pls do a w910 mini review.......i wud really like that.....mainly on the music ...not so much on the pic qaulity....thanks
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:11:22
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benitorios Posts: 259

let me guess... video recording was at 15fps, QCIF format...

Now my neck hurts from your 1st video , but it's a good hurt! Amazing how fast the applications open, almost as smooth as on a non-smartphone model.

What's the story with the green light turning on? is there a charge indicator next to the Fastport connector like on the P1i? Does this indicator also work as a missed event indicator?

Thanks a lot for the review, was worth waiting and finally see someone use the phone the way it ought to be used, not like in those first reviews right after the announcement!
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:16:50
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Mikele Posts: 36

PeterKay, what is the memory of free RAM on W960?
Great mini-review
Posted: 2007-09-11 22:17:51
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