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peterg22 Posts: 2

Dear All,

I am now the proud possessor of a T39m - what a nice phone it is too! I have a problem with the bundled software though - in particular the phone book/text message manager. I was able to get the infrared link
working OK, and the phone is recognised and synchronization starts - I put one entry in my phone book (on the phone) and the data started to flow. It completed after about 20 seconds - just got the end of the synchronizing SIM card stage, and flashed up a Windows program error box. The program states "synchronization failed" and the error box states that ECSMA caused an exception 10H in module MSVBVM60.DLL.

The version of the software is 2.0.157, I'm running Win 98SE with 40Mb of memory.

Any ideas ?

Posted: 2002-02-10 14:25:00
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peterg22 Posts: 2

My problem is solved! I don't quite know how it happened, but basically, TCP/IP networking "stopped working" on my laptop. So, I removed all the network adapters, clients, protocols via control panel, rebooted and then reinstalled them. I then tried another sync, and it worked! EVerything copied across fine, updated and put back into the phone. The only thing I did notice was that the phone had to be placed closer to the IR port than expected - around 4cm, and then everything worked as the designer intended.

L8r ..
Posted: 2002-02-11 10:18:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

4cm? hmm... too close, i think.

my IrDA port can "read" my T39 futher than that. up to a foot or so
Posted: 2002-02-11 13:59:00
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