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imazz Posts: 142

This tariff you found probably explains the wierd result I got yesterday

Go to

and tell it you want a W960i
It offers a 15 tariff (though says 0 texts and 0 mins)

Of course if you try and buy it you get nowhere.
Posted: 2008-02-29 13:20:46
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Greggy Posts: > 500

They should have told me in the 1st place. Instead of fobbing me off with ridiculous excuses. i.e youve got the wrong settings. Or wrong firmware. Or your sim mite want updating ect.

This message was posted from a ?
Posted: 2008-02-29 15:15:54
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Daedalus85 Posts: > 500

Lol, it's not like they were sitting there thinking "shit, he's on to us, he's gonna call the cops, better come clean"

Anyway who cares, if your that desperate to download a file that size, do it on your PC.

Lets get back to the topic in hand, good tariff and their going to be pushing it hard this month, big posters and everything, and we have almost all the phones with it ready in store.

And no, O2 won't do you a W960i on that tariff, it'd be financial suicide and when I tried it on that site, the phone was listed as 219.99 on a 15 tariff for 24 months.
Posted: 2008-02-29 20:57:48
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