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Dogmann Posts: > 500

Hi all

It is being widely reported around the net that 02 are not delivering a full service to their customers and that they are limiting users to 128kbps on 3G. Which is less than half the Edge speed although some Business users are getting better speeds but at 02's desecration.

The full story can be read here

Now this after the fact that OFCOM where looking at fining them for failing to have rolled out sufficient 3G cover as stipulated in there 3G license you have to wonder if there is a connection and just how inadequate 02's 3G Network really is but it really makes a mockery of there new Data tariffs as if you are using 02 3G data you are getting short changed on what you are paying for and could get much better deals elsewhere IMO.

I find this quote particularly disturbing

" In fact, the company tells us, 128Kb/s is all punters can expect from 3G, with 384Kb/se being a premium service only available to a select few."

All i can say to that is am i glad 02 mucked up my E90 order i am not stuck with a contract with them and doubt i ever will be a 02 customer either now. I dare not ask what the point of having a HSDPA device on 02 is if the max you can expect is 384kbps instead of up to 3.2mbps.


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Posted: 2008-04-10 12:33:51
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Sammy_boy Posts: > 500

Very surprising reading. I've been with O2 for over 5 years now, and it's making me wonder about reconsidering my loyalties as I do use a fair amount of data.

Shame on you O2 if this is true!
Posted: 2008-04-10 12:39:08
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masseur Posts: > 500

this is being discussed since yesterday here

please also remember that we have network operator specific forums now (where I have now moved this to)

Posted: 2008-04-10 12:40:29
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