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Raiderski Posts: > 500

download it from HERE

On-Screen Display patch by Amir_82111 can be found HERE

what is this?
simply, this is a supermode driver... different approach to manage camera parameters by included additional functionality layer which is not available in original driver. this may sound as complication but in skilled hands can be a great solution. functions offers manual control over selected camera parameters - you can set specific value or bring back automatic state of parameter if you changed your mind. thanks to additional functionality layer the phone is more like digital camera, not just a simple camera phone. more informations you can find in readme.txt file, read it before use to avoid problems

do I have to set all parameters before shot?
this would be insane! absolutely NO! when you open the camera it is in fine tuned automatic mode which means that:

1. YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE functions, use them only if you want
2. camera is still good POINT AND SHOT solution
3. all parameters are automatic unless some of them won't be changed manually

how to make things easier?
driver is using zoom bar graphics (top left corner) to display value of parameter. however there are no digits nor orientation markers! using camera in this case is very uncomfortable. I have resolved this issue in my phone by graphic replacement (patch) of zoom bar. I attached my zoom bar modification but you can create your own using THIS tool or use patch by Amir_82111 (link at top of post)

you want to change positions of functions? or maybe you need bigger colors saturation? other video frame rate? it's very simple, just look inside customization.txt file

how to change positions of functions:

Enhanced Modes
it's a new and main feature which can dramatically improve picture quality in low light conditions. look at 100% crops below to see how modes work...

#1 is standard automatic mode
ISO 640, exposure time 1/8s
a lot of noise, huge loss of details and underexposed scene

#2 is hybrid SEM
ISO 400, exposure time 1/3s
better quality but still weak

#3 is hybrid EM
ISO 200, exposure time 3/4s
quality is much better. lower ISO and longer exposure time can do the trick, however exposure time is crucial parameter from now. if you can't hold your hand still then you should expect more or less blurred pictures in low light conditions. if you have nearby stable support for the camera - use it!

hybrid modes are sort of compromise between quality and exposure time. they can help a lot if you can't hold hand still for too long time but you need better quality

#4 is SEM
ISO 100, exposure time 1s
from now ISO 100 will try to preserve as much details as possible

#5 is EM
ISO 100, exposure time 2s
actually this is what K800 really can do when pushed to max - lowest ISO and longest exposure time

all mentioned above modes are fully automatic, all you have to do is to enable them and enjoy results. however it's not all what they can do because 2 of them (SEM and EM) can be used together with manual ISO. results are quite interesting. for example manual ISO 250...

#6 is +EM
ISO 250, exposure time 2s
exposure time used together (+) with manually selected ISO value. this mode might be very helpful in very dark conditions when xenon lamp is useless (bright subject at large distance)

#7 is -EM
ISO 250, exposure time 3/4s
in this mode exposure time is reduced (-) by ISO value which means: higher ISO = lower exposure time = loss of details. in some aspects this mode is very similar to hybrid EM but in this mode you can fully control compromise of quality and speed

for SEM mode names are respectively +SEM and -SEM

Auto Exposure Bracketing assistant
it's not a real AEB like in digital cameras because several successive shots at once cannot be done. in spite of this inconvenience assistant is still nice facilitation for all amateurs of HDR photography. that's because of 2 simplifications:

- no need to change EV manually. assistant automatically changes value of EV after every taken photo
- no need to use autofocus for every photo. assistant remembers position of focus from 1st photo and use it in next photos

comparision table:

red box - area of potential problems like the camera movements or different results of autofocus. enabled AEB function means a shorter duration of the sequence, less likely to move the camera and constant result of autofocus

green box - most intuitive set of EV with old and well known joystick left/right instead of supermode function (+0.3)

any known issues?
yep, however some of them are not because of my work (* = all drivers)

- some of manually changed parameters are canceled after scene change while others are not

* black viewfinder for a few seconds after slow shutter speed shot

* faulty exposure times in EXIF (problem of many SE phones)
3/4s (real is 4/3s)
4/3s (real is 3/4s)
3/5s (real might be 3/5s or 5/3s)

* wierd vertical stripes on some pictures
solution: force ISO 100 or use v6.6.4


* AE lock (half shutter) doesn't work if infinity focus is selected in camera menu. because of this issue you cannot on/off preview for manual shutter speed, ISO and focus (half press and release)
solution for AE lock: use focus infinity function (only on scene which is not using menu infinity focus) or use AE lock function

* AF is unavailable even if selected scene doesn't use it (no infinity icon in bottom left corner)
solution: go back to Auto scene, change in menu infinity focus to any other, you can use other scene now
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Posted: 2008-05-29 14:31:26
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norberto877 Posts: 80

finally thanx for the driver. iŽll try it
Posted: 2008-05-29 14:45:31
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pietropizzi Posts: 130 here it is...going to check it out !

First notice: Zoom Preview of MF on HalfPress is great

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Posted: 2008-05-29 14:46:32
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tphg Posts: 126

Wonderful! Finally, Raiderski releases our dreamed camdriver.
I've download and read manual, but still could not understand clearly how to adjust shutter speed, due to my bad brane.
Posted: 2008-05-29 14:59:44
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brazzuka's Posts: > 500

A good engineer gathers qualities that only an engineer can know from making their implementation a welfare for all
Engineering that is capable of forming professionals with the historical characteristics - ability to calculations, objectivity, practicality and others - plus creativity,communicating, familiarity with the culture of self-learning, and the uncertainty of complexity, among others.
we are not always motivated because we are human and are not always motivated by one day but is at least a few hours motivated because of course the hours are for life.
Thank you for your motivation Raider

Posted: 2008-05-29 15:13:54
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Mike2 Posts: 322


Btw, how do we enable SEM or EM?

Also, is it possible to WB on a white paper?
Strong's K750/W810 driver has this, and I'm wondering if it is possible to do that in K800.

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Posted: 2008-05-29 15:20:16
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jomateixa Posts: > 500

As always, your phylosophical point of view

Will you make a .vkp patch for all of us?

1. OMG, could you traduce the comments to english? I understand quite nothing lol
2. As you know, the forced flash is a cool technique. It will be good if you add an option for it in customization section, don't you think so?

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Posted: 2008-05-29 15:27:42
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Bebeto90 Posts: 4

Big Thaks Raiderski, your camdriver is the best
At the moment I testing it and I must say amaizing when I see pictures with this camdriver

Posted: 2008-05-29 15:43:01
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sacirxposed Posts: 168

Posted: 2008-05-29 15:43:06
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ahil13 Posts: 83

i will try it later and will post some pics
Posted: 2008-05-29 16:01:10
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