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AT&T has announced the availability of managed security services that help businesses protect their data - AT&T Encryption Services. AT&T Encryption Services is focused on the protection of information by providing encryption services and management of digital signatures “in the cloud”.

Some of the capabilities of AT&T Encryption Services include e-mail confidentiality to help prevent unauthorized parties from accessing critical messages and attachments, authentication of the e-mail sender, as well as non-repudiation: a validation of the integrity of the e-mail message and its contents that ensures the recipient that the message was not modified.

The AT&T Encryption Services portfolio has additional features including:

- Encrypted Mail: Developed to encrypt e-mail messages and attachments on the personal computer, this offer supports Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, BlackBerry and Webmail.

- Encrypted Mail Gateway: An enterprise policy-management filter transparently determines whether e-mail should be encrypted. It features industry-trusted encryption standards such as PKI, X.509 and S/MIME and includes a message-pickup center for nonsubscribers.

- Encrypted Mail Exchange: This enables businesses to establish groups within a message-exchange platform, which provides full encryption services for e-mail and e-mail attachments.

- Encrypted Documents: This feature establishes the secure exchange of sensitive information between an individual and a user group by encrypting folder or network drives and all of the data contained within them.

- Encrypted Document Delivery: This offer provides the functionality to replace regular postal communications used for statements, invoices and notices with secure, signed and trusted e-mail messages and statement notifications.

Posted: 2008-06-04 17:57:26
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