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Angello Posts: > 500

X1 is just awesome
Posted: 2008-10-28 15:08:48
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

WM - nice addition to a great forum

Posted: 2008-10-28 15:13:30
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gtr83 Posts: > 500

During the moment X1 was under development, WM was the only obvious choice. Android or SF was too young or even nonexistent then. But seeing its specs we have to be honest, the only thing that can be compared to X1 is its own twin brother (or sister, if you like ) Touch Pro.
Posted: 2008-10-28 15:56:50
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ares Posts: > 500

its the Apocalypse i tell you!! its coming!
Posted: 2008-10-28 16:57:05
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tranced Posts: > 500

As i wont handle a x1 for a while let me say: weeeeeeeeeee winmo devices
Posted: 2008-10-28 17:24:08
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Creid Posts: 160

my plan - Get X1 asap (rang o2 every day for a month now!) then get SEs' first SF beast. happy days

Posted: 2008-10-28 17:57:49
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groovepeppy Posts: > 500

Just like the title says,
"Warm Welcome to Windows Mobile !"
Posted: 2008-10-29 01:49:14
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

I think Max is criticism Symbian Foundation long before its even had a start.

many fail to realise why S60 and Symbian have had such strength on the worldwide stage for so long. Many have said its former iterations was its greatest weakness; fragmentation - or varying API's and GUI's. This being unified and applications being supported and eventually being recoded to embrace the new change actually give it its strength. UIQ although pronounced 'officially' dead with SE - we've all seen it pronounced dead for years really, it did have some greatness and efficient menu's that'll augment an already strong OS and refine - what I think is a horrible menu GUI in S60 5th Edition for touch - not the entire menu; just its implementation for Touch bothers me.

Just remember UIQ and S60 are not the ONLY Symbian based platforms; there are another 3 that are lesser known but just as signifant or more significant because of the languages and interfaces they support > more strongly with than WM.

Sure I cannot get unique emulators or old platform support like AS/400/600 for 3250/3270 session interface - but many company's that still use these for support in Internet Explorer via Java (not Microsoft Java), don't support direct emulation connection for single applications on WM.

WM greatest strength is compatibility with old emulation and application code base - is also its greatest weakness from a coders standpoint. WM7 should've debuted earlier this year and again delayed. Licensing hasn't gotten cheaper to use WM but also, coding for applications isn't too tough either. Unless you being using Microsoft newer .NET. Not ALL of these WM devices in the past few years WM 6/6.1 based can use .NET installations/hacks and access applications or sites that rely heavily on this code.

Now I'm sure many of you can come up with intelligent rebuttals of what S60 cannot do either (remember Python, Ruby, C++, and Flash are all codes it supports for applications). I'm just stating this for WM.

Now I'm hoping SE doesn't get screwed with its innovations like Sony did with Palm OS just 6yrs ago. Those of us old enough and in the 'device' game long enough know to what I'm refering to. Or was it longer than 6yrs ago.

has already officially stated that their investigating Andriod - to which currently I care nothing for - and committed to both WM and Symbian Foundation to which long ago I hoped S60 or UIQ would debut on this Xperia type device or similarly spec'd device.

The REAL question is ... how many more unique design's does have up its sleave and can they fully compete with HTC without having HTC build their devices for them taking some of their R&D dollars away.
Posted: 2008-10-29 03:23:55
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jalal Posts: 255

I never thought I'd want a Windows anything. Now I'm lusting over this phone.
Posted: 2008-10-29 13:17:36
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max_wedge Posts: > 500

I'm not criticising at all. I'm just saying Nokia could end up controlling the symbian foundation to it's own benefit. This would give them an unfair advantage as they could direct SF development to suit their own choice of hardware (and contracts with hardware vendors) and OS designs that suit their own idea of what the end user wants.

SE in the past have demonstrated great resistance to being locked into proprietary arrangements.

IF the Symbian Foundation develops the way Nokia's current hyperbole indicates, then hope remains that SE and other OEM's will end up with a true collaborative OS venture. If not they could end up having Nokia dictate the playing field and the direction of play (with SE and other OEM's facing into the sun). This would bring about a homogenisation of handset design across the industry that would mean less choice for the end user, and ultimately less innovation.

So imho I encourage SE to remain committed to doing things their own way as much as possible. If having WM in their stable helps them retain some independence of the Symbian Foundation this is a good thing.

It's not that being reliant on Bill Gates is much better but it wi;ll give SE some leverage against SF.

If SF turns out to be truly open source, and SE can develop the core OS to their own needs, then I expect SE will fully embace SF and we will certainly end up with UIQ II (second era). It may have a different name, but I expect many of the philosophies of UIQ will be retained.

What I don't expect will happen is for SE to use an OS that effectively mimicks with very little difference the same OS and end user features of the Nokia branded version of the SF OS. And I will add this quote to my promised "I'm not as smart as a fifth grader" thread they do
Posted: 2008-10-29 13:40:31
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