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JANE4U2 Posts: 66

does xperia x1 live upto your expectations? what do you like or dislike about it.

is it worth buying,i am currently using htc diamond , but bored of it now.
Posted: 2008-10-29 20:09:50
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NimmyxHuynh Posts: 69

I like the Xperia X1 because A) it's my first WM handset; B) It's Sony Ericsson and C) I like the design.

The x1 has that eye candy look to it. It draws in people through it's innovative design. It's like how the Iphone is, it's all about the eye candy and the X1 has more eye candy than the Iphone.

It's expensive, so, not a lot of people will have the X1, which in turn makes it rare and special. if it becomes mainstream (like the Iphone), it'll lose its specialty (lets just hope it doesn't go mainstream).

I want a phone that is different from everyone else. There's already 471234672164 people who have the Iphone at my school. ~_~
Posted: 2008-10-29 20:55:05
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Jah Posts: > 500

Good points:

- great build quality
- great screen
- pocket size Communicator
- looks nice
- SE Panels like the Media Panel
- reasonable quick
- call quality nearly good as SE Symbian devices
- Opera
- ergonomics of buttons & switches

Do better:

- some people have reported BT problems (not me)
- WM is not really phone-centric, more PDA-centric
- should have used a wheel rather then a rocker switch for volume, would work better with Opera
- 5mp camera would be better
Posted: 2008-11-01 12:23:20
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ardzuna Posts: 465

A few reasons why I won't buy it:
- it's a slider
- too heavy
- the screen is a little sunk-in (from what I've seen in the photos), I prefer a flush screen
- no Megabass

Otherwise I like this phone, but I'll probably wait for some weight-reduced candybar version of it.
Posted: 2008-11-01 12:55:11
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masseur Posts: > 500

Jah sums up my thoughts quite well but I'll also add that I do like the panels to the point that I installed the touch flo 3d but will be uninstalling it later today.

I also agree with ardzuna, they can lose the keyboard

I do also like the indicator lights on the side

overall, probably the best WM I've had although the diamond comes a very close second
Posted: 2008-11-01 13:08:06
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SE-Naz Posts: > 500

Why will you be uninstalling the Touch Flo 3D???


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Posted: 2008-11-01 13:09:24
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masseur Posts: > 500

I never really liked it on the TyTN II or the diamond. It takes control of the messaging so you can't see messages in a list, you have to use envelope presentation and view the beginning of each message that way, and then open that individual message with no way of getting to the next or previous without going back to the envelope.

there's a few other issues I have with it but I can say that it does seem to work a little better on the X1 that it did on the diamond, given the limitations that you can't do landscape and the youtube link doesn't work either

I just prefer to use the panels I guess
Posted: 2008-11-01 13:14:49
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SE-Naz Posts: > 500

Cheers for that...

I actually don't like it when the TFL3D takes over the messaging, so I probably wont be tryin it either...

Posted: 2008-11-01 13:17:16
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Dogmann Posts: > 500

Hi all,

Well actually the X1 exceeded my expectations as it was smaller than i imagined it would be and had probably the best build quality i have seen on any device for quite a while it really is very very good.

The screen is bright and clear but although it's wide i did find it wasn't very deep. The X1 in the time i had it was also very stable and fast the only slow thing was the panels and even then that wasn't terrible but due to the displayed static image it takes a little while to refresh. Both Music and Video playback are very good on the X1 and correctly converted Video's looked stunning IMO.

What i didn't like was the size of the text displayed most of the time or how little information was on screen once zoomed in Opera for instance. I also didn't like the fact that each page need to be zoomed and there was no way to set up a preferred size and view that could be remembered.

i also didn't like the way that certain apps were pre configured to use certain access points and couldn't be changed. Also even if i had WiFi on it tended to always use my Networks connection. Some of these may of been due to it being a VodaFone handset but I'm not sure as have heard of others with this problem with non branded handsets. But at the end of the day i concluded i am just not a fan of WM and that along with the other minor niggles is why i have sold it.

For me the X1 was just not the right device as good as it was the text size issue really was a deal breaker for me as well as the Browser issues to.


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Posted: 2008-11-01 18:43:26
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idumbakumar Posts: > 500

Things could have been added.
1) 5mp cam with xenon flash.
2) stereo speakers
3) media player keys
If so it would have been fitted better for me,
Let me wait for the next X.

Posted: 2008-11-01 19:05:43
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