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amagab Posts: > 500


I heard that there is a bluetooth digital camera that you can use to transfer pictures from camera to your Ericsson T68 (using bluetooth technology) so you can email it to people from phone using MMS.

Does anyone know anything more about this?
Posted: 2002-02-17 06:44:00
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ferrarista44 Posts: > 500

there is the sanyo and the sony bluetooth digicams....

the sony....

the sanyo....

Posted: 2002-02-17 06:53:00
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Carajo Posts: 29


I have the Sony MicroMV and use it with my T-68. The MicroMV has bluetooth, it is a digital camcorder and camera with networking. It works with no problems (beside the fact that it is slow), you send mails with pictures and you can even surf the net (it has a browser built into the camera).
Posted: 2002-02-20 09:54:00
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pinolo77 Posts: 390

Since Sony and Ericsson merged does anyone know if the new PDA's will have built in bluetooth tech? Hoping it will match perfectly with our phones...

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Posted: 2002-02-20 10:05:00
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