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jafarq Posts: 19

Has anyone succeeded in installing sony ericsson PC suite on windows 7?
Please post details??

Thanx in advance.

Posted: 2009-01-16 14:28:42
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Maratonmannen Online Posts: > 500

I have also tried, but only gets "You canīt run PC Suite on this operating system".
Posted: 2009-01-16 17:00:45
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jurahman Posts: 11

the same error. Not suited for this Operating System.

Any1 who has the solution for it
Posted: 2009-01-17 19:30:35
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xan K Posts: > 500

same here. there's no known solutions yet. no wonder, since W7 is a beta and most companies don't usually fully support betas right away. compatibility will come eventually, though.
Posted: 2009-01-17 22:20:26
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masseur Posts: > 500

it took SE until 6 months after Vista became available to come out with an official compatible pc suite... but work around installs were found quite quickly... I'd bet the Vista version would work on Windows 7 if someone can find the way around the O/S check
Posted: 2009-01-17 22:30:40
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jurahman Posts: 11

I do hope that SE will come soon with this
Posted: 2009-01-18 02:37:17
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sandy4464 Posts: 156

I'm running the PC suite on Windows 7 without any problems. Only thing is I installed Windows as an upgrade, so didn't need to re-install the PC Suite software.

I can confirm that it runs fine though.

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Posted: 2009-01-18 10:07:55
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feierwehrman Posts: 1

had the same problem but got it working, at least partial.
as i do not like the suite and use MyPhoneExplorer to sync and stuff i only needed the USB drivers, mRouter and SymbianConnect Runtime.
You can extract the stuff from the Suite Installer from the Sony website but extracting is a LITTLE tricky.
As i am short in time, a short explanation must suffice.
You need: Sony Ericsson Suite from the Sony Ericsson website, orca (its a Microsoft app that comes with Visual studio i think, though there might be other sources or other apps that do the same), Universal Extractor ( and finally you need 7zip (

0. read this little help, read it again, maybe again, try it, read the doc again, try again, if it still does not work you may ask questions!

1. use 7zip to extract the original Installer downloaded from Sony
you should get PCSuite.exe and PCSuitex64.exe

2. start Universal Extractor WITH ADMIN RIGHTS to extract PCSuite.exe and PCSuitex64.exe in different directorys. there are different methodes that Universal Extractor can use to extract files. in some cases the first option worked for me, in some cases the second, can remember where to use which, just try, you should get some directorys with files in it.
when extracting pcsuite.exe Universal Extractor will try to launch a setup and fail with some massege that you are using the wrong os, just ignore this, we will fix that soon.
in the directory u extracted pcsuite.exe to should folder with random name and in that folder should be a *.msi file.
same goes for the folder where pcsuitex64.exe was extracted to, subfolder with *.msi in it.

3. Startup orca and open the *.msi from pcsuite.exe. find "Launchcondition" on the left side, delete the last entry on the right side, safe.

4. start Universal Extractor WITH ADMIN RIGHTS and extract both *.msi, the one we just edited and the one from pcsuitex64.exe
you should get a lot of folders and files

5. navigate to where u extracted the pcsuitex64 *.msi to. go deeper down the folder structure to "program files\\Sony Ericsson\\Mobile4\\Drivers2"
here are your x64 symbian drivers, set setup.exe compatibility to Vista, install

6. navigate to where u extracted the pcsuite *.msi to. go to the subfolder "program files\\Sony Ericsson\\Mobile4\\InstSupport"
here u find scruntimesetupxx.exe and mrouter3installer.exe
install both, when installing mrouter you might want to configure it to start with every windows startup.

7. install myphoneexplorer(

8. if you are using non x64 os you can probably skip everything with the pcsuitex64.exe as you do not need the drivers.
your drivers are in drivers2 subdir from your pcsuite *.msi

9. have phun, be nice, read this help again, GIVE ME MONEY, thx!


ps. i am no englishman, nor from the colonies, i am german blooded, so please excuse me for bad english and a hell of an ugly Bundeskanzlerin
Posted: 2009-01-18 23:32:22
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NightBlade Posts: > 500

Why don't you guys run it in Vista compatibility mode?
Posted: 2009-01-18 23:34:20
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jurahman Posts: 11

Thanks Buddy. Worked perfectly for me. :)
Posted: 2009-01-19 21:48:52
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