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code28h4p Posts: > 500

here....i wanna invite you to test my mod camdriver, base on C702 R3EA037 stock camdriver (v3.2) and C510 R1EA030 (v2.2). In this version (i called it code alpha version) i've implemented some manual settinggs that witchking have implemented before....but sure, due it's just an alpha version, we will found any bugs here (but i hope it just a little of them).

Cyber-shot CCD
what is CCD???? this is CODE's CAMDRIVER, optimized for C510 and C702 with manual settings implemented.
Manual Settings have been implemented as follows:
* Manual Focus (Previously Black and White)
* Manual Contrast (Previously Negative)
* Manual Saturation (Previously Sepia)
* Selection of effects with EV values (Previously Solarize)
Now...with mod language added....put *.lng file in tpa/preset/system/language/

How to use:
To use Manual Focus: Set focus to INFINITE. Go to EFFECTS in camera menu. Select BLACK & WHITE. Use D-pad to change EV value. EV value will change lens position rather than exposure, so you can focus manually. Just find your accuracy focus by yourself.

To use Manual Contrast: Select NEGATIVE Effect, Change EV to change contrast and to level your pictures

To use Manual Saturation: Select SEPIA effect, Change EV to change Saturation.
EV = -2.0 (Minimum Saturation or Black and White pictures)
EV = + 2.0 (Maximum or insane Saturation)

To use Effects: Select SOLARIZE EFFECT, Use EV+ to switch between effects.

# fix manual focus steps
# increase JPEG buffer size and compression
# improve document scene mode for macro shot (increase sharpness, flash-LED ISO set to 80).
# remove non-working white balance color reproduction

# sometimes macro/doc scene mode will produce dark photos cause some missfired LED flash.
# wrong version displayed on Cyber-shot CCD v1b (shown as 2.0)

Hope you like it. Any feedback and sugestion or advice will be appreciated.

Download link (old version):

C702 Code's_v2.0 click here
C510 Code's_v2.1 click here

code alpha C510.rar
code alpha C702.rar

Cyber-shot CCD v1 (beta)
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Posted: 2009-04-08 06:59:43
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akudan Posts: 97

great, i'll try it
Posted: 2009-04-08 07:04:09
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gtr83 Posts: > 500

Maybe the title should be changed to: Code28h4p's C702/C510 Driver Thread
Posted: 2009-04-08 08:06:48
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code28h4p Posts: > 500

thanx, i'll PM moderator here....
don't forget to leave your comment bro
Posted: 2009-04-08 08:24:34
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pakhusin Posts: 277

may i ask you something? are you using laptop or pc?

cos sometimes, laptops screen failed to produce right color.
in my case, when i view pic on my laptop, i see black. but when viewing on my LG lcd monitor, i can see green (noise)

N1 camdriver also got that green noise, but it is not as much as yours.
you need alot of adjustments.

my tips, try to adjust using PC with decent graphic card and monitor.

sorry my comment, but i guess, you aim is to produce great camdriver right?

down there is my sample.
real colour should be between N1's and Code's version.
but overall, N1's better cos malaysian weather is not that "hot and sunny"
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Posted: 2009-04-08 09:50:43
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pakhusin Posts: 277

code-normal metering-flash off

code-spot metering-flash off

n1-normal metering-flash off

n1-spot metering-flash off
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Posted: 2009-04-08 12:13:07
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gtr83 Posts: > 500

It seems that code's driver tends to oversharpen the colors, what do you think guys?
Posted: 2009-04-08 13:21:22
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code28h4p Posts: > 500

Thanx for comment, maybe i'll fix it later.
Did i forgot to told you, i live in Indonesia actually at equator line west borneo that have more sunny day.
Once again, thanx for your feedback...
Btw...please told me scene that u've used for taken that shot.
Posted: 2009-04-08 14:30:09
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pakhusin Posts: 277

no scene, all auto. white balance also auto.
the only i change is the metering mode. normal or spot.
Posted: 2009-04-08 20:40:50
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code28h4p Posts: > 500

All auto...ok last nite i have fix my camdriver and also add shutterspeed minimize lock.
Good news here, maybe next camdriver will coorporated with number1.
I'll upload it soon but not today due national election in our beloved nation.
Hope there's so many improve in our camdriver.

Progress news:
Change effects to ISO: FAILED.
Posted: 2009-04-09 03:49:56
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