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sincan Posts: 315

On 2009-08-24 08:54:42, Hiron wrote:



Yes and Indo corner also.
Posted: 2009-08-24 11:03:26
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coba Posts: 466

tested..well done hiron!
Posted: 2009-08-24 11:35:37
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code28h4p Posts: > 500

@hiron bout if you make some DRC off acoustic files but not too loud one???? or how if we put *.csv from DRC OFF pack together with DRC Flat and vice versa???? i mean how its compensation goes???
Posted: 2009-08-24 17:09:05
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Hiron Posts: 435

Here is the fact:
- wbxml from FLAT and DRC OFF are really the same. csv is different.
- csv from FLAT and AGGRESSIVE are really the same. wbxml is different.

I already modifying the volume step in DRC off so they has not too loud SPL. Your ears fatigue because it has more treble since no compression was done. Open customize_upgrade.xml in "3. upload - DRC" and search this line:


Changes -1 to a lower value (such as -12, 13, or even -14). Upload to tpa/preset/custom. If you set to -14, the treble is not altered, and would not be too fatiguing to heard.

Quoted word above only valid for beta version.

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Posted: 2009-08-24 17:37:45
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Luhccas-U1a Posts: > 500

I have tested some of your drivers with a Audio Technica ckm-70,AKG k26p,Westone UM2,Shure E2g and SE110,Sony MDR-ex90 and 85,Phonak Audéo PFE,Sennheiser Cx300 II precision,Koss the plug,ksc9,porta-pro,HPM-70 and HPM-77.
The flat files works well with big sized drivers and using my Fiio E5.Without head-amp the balanced armature headphones rocks with; voice dedicated rhythms,opera,jazz,blues and MPB!(brazilian popular music)
Really,really,really good!With normal drivers(Not akg and porta-pro) sounds good but,due a hardware limitation thereof,don't sounds properly.
The DRC off files sounds good just with the plug,due the 16mm driver with loose calibration to avoid distortion in low frequencies i think.With other headphones the sound have a "cold" touch who don't pleases my ears... Is excelent for some rhythms but not for all.(hip-hop,drum'n bass,techno,electro etc give me a bit of mixture of frequencies...) Even using 320kbps fraunhofer codecs for mp3 and Fiio.
The best for me was flat,who just need to change .csv files for provide a really good music experience!
Thank you again for your interest in quality acoustics!
Later i'll try all again using other values on .csv files and post another analyses,cheers!
Posted: 2009-08-25 13:59:41
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Hiron Posts: 435

You test it in 15 different headphones???
The real audiophile

Btw, I have downloaded Quad Maximum in your Mediafire folder... Really good!

"cold" touch in drc off? I realized that too, and I thought I know why...
Did you use my customize_upgrade.xml?
It sets the equalizer to | 0 | -14dB | -14dB | -14dB | -11dB |
Each frequencies was | 63Hz | 250Hz | 1000Hz | 4000Hz | 16000Hz | for non Clear Audio phones, and
| 400Hz | 1000Hz | 2500Hz | 6300Hz | 16000Hz | for Clear Audio phones.

All I could think is because of the simple (or say, low quality) equalizer of SE phones. For example, maybe the equalizer accurately reduced 4000Hz and 16000Hz into -14dB and -11dB.

But how about 10000Hz? How about the other gap? I thought it could be inaccurately suppressed, or even released! That makes some frequencies flow off, producing "cold" sensation of hearing.

This is the different case with FLAT, which sets the equalizer to | +14 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 5dB |. The frequencies flow becomes more consistent, since we really know that it only amplify 63Hz and 16000Hz, unlike DRC off which suppressed 4 important frequencies and release many other frequencies inaccurately... So we could hear that something is wrong and certain sound is missing...

The only solution for this: Use "Normal" or netral equalizer which doesn't amplify anything. But I thought we need to get more bass to makes some WOW effect. Yes we can use MegaBass which is accurately amplify it, but it will makes the signal clipping and producing distortion since there's no DRC suppression

Or maybe SE could release some software update to makes the equalizer filter becomes more accurate, or implement parametric equalizer. But it requires much more processing power, and could makes some slowdown to our phones...

Did you have the solution for this? I'm waiting your csv

Edit: New version is prominent. But I can't promise it for now

Quoted word above only valid for beta version.

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Posted: 2009-08-25 16:30:22
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idumbakumar Posts: > 500

First of all I like to know what the .csv files really do? Changes in .csv do affect the equalizer or volume? I think volume. Rite then how can I change the manual eq's like customize_upgrade method? Please clear my doubt.
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Posted: 2009-08-25 19:30:42
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Hiron Posts: 435

csv only affect volumes, but you can make the whole acoustic better with csv.

About customizing manual eq, just open customize_upgrade.xml:

<!-- Controls equalizer band 63 -->
<!-- Controls equalizer band 250 -->
<!-- Controls equalizer band 1000 -->
<!-- Controls equalizer band 4000 -->
<!-- Controls equalizer band 16000 -->

It's pretty clear, I thought. Just change the bolded value to your desired settings. Max recognised value is +/-15dB

Tutorial modifying csv? I learn it from Luhccas Cesky. Look at my conversation with him in || This Topic ||

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Posted: 2009-08-26 02:39:46
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geokilla Posts: 77

Hi Hiron! Remember me from SE-NSE? lol. Anyways like I said, I'll talk to you here since you seem to be more active here....hope you don't mind

So umm, I don't really understand this. My W715 has only the Walkman menu and not the Media Player, unless I'm missing bout some stuff on my phone.

Basically, I'm no audiophile but it'd be good to have better sound quality while keeping the volume at an acceptable level. Would you still suggest that I use #1 and leave everything as is? I'm currently using the manual equalizer with the original W715 acoustics on HPM-64[.

Because it's Clear Audio phone, upload only wbxml and csv files. Don't upload customize_upgrade.xml in W715
Yes I suggest FLAT. If you like it, try DRC OFF (better clarity)

You also has G705, right? You could upload all files (including customize_upgrade.xml) to G705

I actually have a G705 flashed to W715 firmware. And I'm loving it =). I don't mind downgrading back to G705, but I really like the Walkman feature haha. Makes my phone special since I cross flash

So between the HPM-64 and HPM-70, which would you recommend that I use to go with your acoustics for my W715? I'll definitely give FLAT with DRC OFF when I can. Like I said, I like keeping the volume at acceptable, soft levels. Don't wanna go deaf
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Posted: 2009-08-26 03:59:29
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Hiron Posts: 435

Err... I actually check both forum once a day. It's just that there are less reply

For now, I recommend to download new version. Don't downgrade again to G705. Keep your W715

Because it's clear audio experience phone, upload only wbxml and csv. Leave away customize_upgrade.xml, and use your desired equalizer. Believe me, it's better than beta version

Posted: 2009-08-26 18:53:02
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