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ceaser2008 Posts: > 500

I dedicate this thread to DonJuan. Thank you for everything.

Originally, the idea of starting such thread was came up in the mind of DonJuan. He is the starter of such a amazing thread. He has this idea way back in Sept' 2006. He had started a thread Best Picture. to talk with the moderators and to get the views of other members on this. It took almost one and half year to get things going for it and on Jan' 2008, first competition thread was started. First, Jan' 2008, competition was started by mizzle with 'Water' as a theme. The major rules were the same as present rules except few. One of that was - no editing on PC, only in phone by PhotoDJ allowed. From second month, minor post-processing like image correction, noise reduction allowed.

There was major argument on archived pictures, as DonJuan wanted the picture for the competition to be taken in Jan month only to boost up the creativity and imagination of shooter. But it was not mentioned in rules, so archived pictures were also uploaded. Because of that the number of entries went as high as 37.

Nanu was the first to enter the competition with picture. Muhammad-Oli was picked as a winner not by voting but by the sheer knowledge of mizzle. Due to lack of time, mizzle had handed over the competition to DonJuan. From second month DonJuan was the host of the competition. First month went very awful as so many arguments, archived pictures and lot of Do's & Dont's as it was expected i guess. But from second month, every thing was nice, straight and well organised. Very quickly DonJuan got it right. This shows the class and master-piece of his work and handling.

For first 3 months- Jan, Feb, March' 08, the rule of uploading original picture on 'phonephotos' section was not introduced. Everybody had to mention the details like phone used, if they had done any post-processing and why they feel the word or phrase ( Theme ) influence the picture. Until in March' 08, Muhammad-Oli suggested to upload the original picture to phonephoto section in order to save the exif data and quickly Amras had followed his suggestion. From April' 08, rule of uploading original picture to phonephoto section was incorporated.

Till April' 08, the one rule was - every participants must vote in order to qualify otherwise their entry would be considered invalid. Though it was not followed by words but during this DonJuan had PM all participants to vote. This rule was short listed from May' 08 by DonJuan himself.

The theme chosen by DonJuan has clear, distinct, more of a feeling - expression like and outstanding touch. E.g Love, Priceless, People, Black & White, Urban life.

DonJuan had disappeared in the month Sept' 08 may be due to lack of entries. As this competition was his idea and he had nourished it for 2 years, so he could not see this thread dying. Only 4 entries were there. He re-appeared once in Nov' 08 but after that no traces of him. But now if he see that his idea had not died and the competition is going very well, he must be feeling proud.

DonJuan had once declared that he would give the winner of Dec' 08, the calender of whole year's winning pictures as a award from his expense. But it did not happen.

From Feb' 08 to Sept' 08, DonJuan had selected the theme and hosted the competition but due to his disappearance, in Oct' 08, Marty Mcfly, winner of Sept' 08 had hosted and selected the theme for the first time. From there on, winner is deciding the next month's theme and host it.

In Oct' 08, moderator maseur had made the thread sticky.

In terms of entries, Jan' 08 is the most successful month but due to archived pictures, i would say most successful month is Nov' 09 having 34 entries and the theme was 'Ultra Macro'. Least number of entries was in March 2016 with only 2 and the theme was 'Plastic', can you believe it?

From April' 10, new rule was introduced. The idea was given by Pitzon. The rule is 'Every participent can change his entry for one time only. He has to post his new entry in new post and old entry must be removed.' The intension behind this rule is to give freedom to participent to change his entry, if he finds a better one.

Most number of votes were casted in Oktober '13 with 'Autumn Colours' theme, having 36 votes and the winner was Bonovox with 17 votes in his bag. Least voting done in Dec' 08, only 4.

We had tie for the first time in June' 09 between mechexpert and -PERFECT-. Both had begged 6 votes each. The theme was 'Nature' by Raiderski.
There was a 4way tie in Januari '11 "A New Start" After a second round of voting VLADISLAUS took the victory.

Highest number of votes to the winner is 21 and it is in Apr' 10, winner is Raiderski having theme 'Technology'. Least number of votes to the winner is 2 in Dec' 08. nnr3 was the winner and theme was 'Vehicles'.

Due to a bug at the host server we had to cancel the December 2015 theme. ok1907 is declared as winner of that month because 9_Destiny handed his Nov'15 over to him.

9_Destiny is our Top photographer with 8 victories.
Raiders, life and hihihans have won the competition 4 times.
Congratulations to all.

MONTHHOSTTHEMETOTAL ENTRIESTOTAL VOTESWINNING VOTESWINNERMar'16hihihansPlastic264trancedFeb'16DifenbakerThings473hihihansJan'16ok1907Reflections374DifenbakerDec'15Esato.FRCanceled000ok1907Nov'15trancedCorner101459_DestinyOct'15mlifeGlass5105trancedSep'15difenbakerSunsets495mlifeAug'15alennLow-key8124difenbakerJul'15NOZDepth of Field #211133alenn HPkuk610iJun'159_Destiny
Open #2983NOZMay'15MadibaChurches81159_DestinyApr'15fbloise
The Weather12146fbloiseFeb ’15XperiaJunkie
All About Music7136emporiumJan'15emerson_shei
Favorite Dish7115XperiaJunkieDec'14emerson_shei
Your Pet693NOZ emerson_sheiNov'14blackvodka
People at Work7113emerson_sheiOct'14chunkybeats
Your Landmark71510blackvodkaSep'14emporium
Silent B&W 12208emporiumJul'14hihihans
Garbage 5126NOZJun'14xell
Loneliness 6207hihihansMay'14cu015170
Selfie 11209xellApr'14tranced
Vehicle Parts162311cu015170Mar'14XperiaJunkie
Sunrise & Sunset10206tranced mlifeFeb'14blackvodka
Nature by night5209XperiaJunkieJan'149_Destiny
Capture the moment11247blackvodka 9_DestinyDec’13goldenface
Coloured Lights122169_DestinyNov’13Bonovox
Autumn Colours163617BonovoxSep'13cupcake30
Lots of them17226SylwesterAug'139_Destiny
On Duty5146cupcake30Jul'13hihihans
Open (verb)13229hihihansMay'13Ricky D
" "14258Ricky DMar'13jorji
Women in our lives6138mlifeFeb'139_Destiny
Feast for the Eye9205hihihansNov'12xell
Moving On15228xiaonessOct'12chunkybeats
The letter J10196xellSep'12pohuman
Front of the Sun10205chunkybeatsAug'12jorji
Depth of Field273210SamueleMay'12Flinston
Close Up253099_DestinyApr'129_Destiny
Golden Hour82089_DestinyFeb'129_Destiny
Populair Places8186io_bgJan'12Bonovox
The Colour Red14269biosxAug'11snuupy
Black & White Photography24319goldenfaceJul'11wawawee
Nature262812snuupyJun'11reeflotzRule of Thirds92717wawaweeMay'11io_bgHobbies12189reeflotzApr'11pohuman
silhouettes17246io_bgMar'11reeflotzToys15208cyber-shoterFeb'11VLADISLAUSHandmade8177reeflotzJan'11domipostA new start11235+4VLADISLAUSDec'10fulger06Shadows14249domipostNov'10JunzFire142910fulger06Oct'10jay0726Contrast212510JunzSept'10TTTAfter the rain213410jay0726Aug'10cyber-shoterLow angle18267TTTJul'10VLADISLAUSMemorial17219cyber-shoterJun'10redhunterContradiction162415VLADISLAUSMay'10RaiderskiMy Passion32287redhunterApr'10PitzonTechnology222821RaiderskiMar'10modeFood & Beverage21309PitzonFeb'10mochuothpNon-color Portrait20239modeJan'10imaticxAnimals303017mochuothpDec'09RaiderskiDecember without limits27286imaticxNov'09PlankgatanUltra Macro34348RaiderskiOct'09PitzonWood13139PlankgatanSept'09Jack.netsNight121912PitzonAug'09boy_ice1987Panorama Macro11107Jack.netsJul'09-PERFECT-Clouds22248boy_ice1987Jun'09RaiderskiNature13176-PERFECT-, mechexpertMay'09-PERFECT-Water202110RaiderskiApr'09RaiderskiReflections24207-PERFECT-Mar'09PitzonBridges91310RaiderskiFeb'09trancedRocks894PitzonJan'09Yea gLandscape7178trancedDec'08Muhammad-OliVehicles1042nnr3Nov'08amawanqaArchitecture965Muhammad-OliOct'08Marty McflyMacro20114amawanqaSept'08DonJuanLove495Marty McflyAug'08DonJuanPeople1096jigonxJul'08DonJuanFlowers17197Marty McflyJun'08DonJuanSunsets/Sunrise11104NightBladeMay'08DonJuanUrban Life16106dentoters07Apr'08DonJuanBlack & White161712razecMar'08DonJuanColours25115ShuuroFeb'08DonJuanPriceless13127crossmatchedJan'08MizzleWater37N/AN/AMuhammad-Oli
My intention behind starting this thread and all this research is to spread awareness about monthly cameraphone shootout competition, so that more and more people would visit the thread and participate. In this campaign, I need few people from esato, who can spread the awareness willingly, only by putting the link to the current month's competition in their signature, like I did, like our beloved mod tranced did.

Those who agree, pls post here or PM me and get your name in my list as i have other idea as well for you.

Thank you.

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Posted: 2009-11-10 17:48:18
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spiid Posts: 91

GREAT effort!!!!!!

I will gladly put the link in my signature
Posted: 2009-11-10 20:56:36
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hihihans Posts: > 500

That's some serious research.
Posted: 2009-11-10 22:19:19
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ceaser2008 Posts: > 500


I think, now i understand why you are so popular mod. thank you for re-arranging the table. Now, it looks decent, nice and clear then my mess.

Thank you once again.


Thank you and Welcome in my campaign. I will PM you, when required.
By the way, it looks cool in your signature.


Thanks for appreciation.
Posted: 2009-11-11 02:43:02
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tranced Posts: > 500

You're welcome. Masseur had his part here too
Posted: 2009-11-11 03:49:00
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ceaser2008 Posts: > 500

On 2009-11-11 03:49:00, tranced wrote:
You're welcome. Masseur had his part here too

Thanks Messeur for everything what you did for this thread and for the monthly shootout competition. I know your work was very secret and silent way, but i came to know your efforts today morning, in saving and protecting DonJuan's effort.
Thank you.

By the way, tranced, whats time in your region? It must be day out there, cause here in india, i have created the thread last night around 10.30 pm and right now its morning here, 9 am, and i can see you guys are still replying. Good job, guys.
Posted: 2009-11-11 04:33:46
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carkitter Posts: > 500

"DonJuan had once declared that he would give the winner of Dec' 08, the calender of whole year's winning pictures as a award from his expense. But it did not happen. "

Perhaps someone who is good at creating pdf files could do that this December so that Esato members could download it and print it off at their leisure? I would love to have an Esato calendar, it could have entries on it marking important months such as Esato's/Laffen's/Masseur's brithdays, playtime, Esato Awards, release date of X10 etc...
Posted: 2009-11-11 04:43:54
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tranced Posts: > 500

@ceaser2008: it's GMT-4:00.

@carkitter: we could ask to either to razec, SE cz, White Eye, or any other photoshopper here to make the calendars.
Posted: 2009-11-11 11:17:00
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gola Posts: > 500

This should be on wiki.... lol, nice job
Posted: 2009-11-11 11:46:51
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Raiderski Posts: > 500

ahh, ok, I'll put link to competition in my signature

I'm wondering, is possible to add and expose link to competition in Esato Photos section?
Posted: 2009-11-11 12:29:38
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