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pao9195 Posts: 98

UBT/FBT for Bolt Handler Mods All Versions


- PC Style Web Browsing

- Capable of Video Streaming

- Tabbed Browsing

- Web Apps Supported

- Enhance Download Manager

- Password Manager
- Copy/Paste Text on URL field
- Twitter Integration


Trick No.1

Port: 80

Operator: choose custom 1-5
Config Name:Smart Concealme
Front Query:
Other boxes leave it blank

Trick No.2
Port: 80
Operator:choose custom 1-5
Config Name:Smart Flyproxy
Front Query:
Other boxes leave it blank.

Trick No.3
Port: 80
IOperator: choose custom 1-5
Config Name:Smart Juiceandgin
Front Query:


Trick No.1
IP: or
Port: 80

In Bolt Operator Trick:
Operator: choose custom 1
Config Name:Bolt US3
Front Query:(blank)
Middle Query:(blank)
Back Query: (blank)
Use Proxy: choose HTTP
Proxy Server: or

Trick No.2 or
Operator:choose custom 1-5
Config Name:Bolt US5
Use Proxy:choose HTTP
Proxy or
Other boxes leave it blank.

New: Compilation of Bolt Servers (For Globe Only)

Update As of March 22:

All are Port 80

Hintayin na lumabas yung Bolt Terms of Service then Accept.

To log in at site that require username and password i.e Facebook and Friendster,Go to Menu>Preferences>Unmark HTTP.Dont forget to Save.

A. How to Watch Videos on Bolt via Built in Player (SE Phones Only):
This tut is for streaming videos on Bolt via built in player of our phone not in Bolt player.Here we go:

1.Be sure your bolt is currently working in 3g connection, just go to Menu>Preferences>Video Settings.
2.In Set Up No.1, just follow the instruction.Press play button then wait if your device is supported of video streaming.If the video is appear on the screen, congratulations because your device is supported. But if it is not appear,(the player is back to "Press Play to Start Video"),click No.Then the browser connect you to Set Up No.2
3.In Set Up No.2, just follow step 2 and automatically the browser inform you the proper way of streaming videos and we can stream videos via Built In Player .
4. Minimize the browser and configure your web settings.Copy the settings for Bolt to your Built In Browser. (Built in browser and Bolt Settings are the same)
5. Now maximize the browser, then try to click a video on Youtube,ESPN and CNN.Click the play button then if the browser redirect you to web, (Allow Application to Access the Web?) just click Yes.
6. Wait in a few seconds and congratulations, you can watch a video on Bolt. You can save that video if you want.

B. How to Watch Videos Directly from Bolt (For SE Phones Only)

Wala ng ilalagay sa Streaming at sa Internet Profiles, sa Settings for Bolt lang na nasa taas ng thread na ito.

1. Para sure, reinstall ang Bolt. Then configure your settings for java for Bolt.After accepting the EULA, Disable HTTPS.
2. Go to Video Settings. Follow video set up wizard.
3. In Set Up No.1, Click play button when Press PLay to Start Video appear on screen. If its back to Press Play to Start Video, you cant watch the video. Just Click No.Then Bolt loads set up No.2.
4. In set up No.2, click the play button again and wait to load the sample video. If it is back to Press Play to Start Video, your browser is not supported of video streaming directly on Bolt. But you can watch it via built in browser. (Please follow tut A).But if Bolt is loading from 1% to 100%, it means you can watch videos directly on Bolt. Once sample video is appear, just click Stopthen Click Yesand Ok.
5. Set up wizard is finished, go to youtube then happy streaming.

Bolt Power User Tips:

A. Zoom In/Zoom Out Shortcut.In a web page, press #2 for zoom in and #8 for zoom out.
B. Posting Text or Link directly on Twitter.

1. Register your twitter login info in BOLT (
2. As you are browsing, select any text you want to post to Twitter using "select text" from BOLT's menu
3. Select Post from BOLT's menu
4. A window the selected text will open. You can now edit or add to the selected text.
5. Once you've made your edits/additions, simply select "post" from the menu and your message will be posted directly to your twitter account

C. Find in Page. BOLT enables you to search for text in a webpage, just like your favorite PC browser. Simply select "find in page" from the preferences menu, enter the desired text into the text box then select "search" from the menu key. The first result will be highlighted, and you can then use the 8... key to jump to the next instance, and the 2 key to move back to a previous instance. Enjoy!
D. Scrolling within page.BOLT supports enhanced scrolling on web pages with inline frames ( e.g., You can scroll within frames without having to repeatedly press the scrollbar. To activate Frame scrolling, position the cursor over the scroll bar or click anywhere within the frame. F...rame scrolling is disabled when the cursor is moved outside of the frame. Enjoy!
E. Speed Enhancement.To make BOLT's speedy performance even faster, you can change image quality to "low" -- or to 'no image' for fastest loading -- via BOLT's preferences menu.
F. Video Streaming.To adjust the volume of streaming videos during playback in BOLT, simply use the "1" key to increase volume or the "0" key to decrease. Happy streaming!

Compilation of Bitstream Bolt Browser HandlerUI All Versions:










Bolt202 HandlerUI143
Bolt202 Lite HandlerUI143
11. Bolt230HandlerUI200B3
Link 1
Link 2

Credit goes to Bitstream Inc., Handler, and to the discoverers of the CGI
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Posted: 2010-01-14 07:22:01
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brokenkazuki Posts: -2

kua kua.. may built in player ba yan?? ung sa globe ba eh.. miski.. zero load eh makakapagbrowse via BOLT?? tapus sa smart ba nid lng ng miski P1??
Posted: 2010-01-14 08:12:56
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pao9195 Posts: 98

On 2010-01-14 08:12:56, brokenkazuki wrote:
kua kua.. may built in player ba yan?? ung sa globe ba eh.. miski.. zero load eh makakapagbrowse via BOLT?? tapus sa smart ba nid lng ng miski P1??
meron po built in player yan pakitry mo po naka specify mo sa taas kung anong IP ang gagamitin for both networks, Sa Globe FBT po meaning free browsing technique pwede kahit zero load pwede makapag browse sa Smart UBT naman kelangan muna ng piso para makapag browse.
Posted: 2010-01-14 08:20:23
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brokenkazuki Posts: -2

hehe... matry nga toh... bwahaha... san mo po xa napagana???
Posted: 2010-01-14 08:25:56
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pao9195 Posts: 98

sa smart kasi smart user ako pero yung pang globe working yan mas stable pa kesa sa trick sa smart
Posted: 2010-01-14 08:30:56
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carlyogi Posts: 8

space trick to? ndi pede sa SE ang space trick diba? sayng hehehe..
Posted: 2010-01-14 10:15:44
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rexidi Posts: > 500

hay suko n tlaga ako, ayaw pa ding gumana. lahat na ata ng trick na alam ko inapply ko n dito s bolt ayaw pa din. kht ung trick ni otor pao ayaw din. Globe kc ayaw pang magfb. Hehe.
Posted: 2010-01-14 10:50:33
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@pao9195 paki-upload naman po 'toe sa ibang hosting site.. ayaw kasi ng wapshare na naman.. thanks po!
Posted: 2010-01-14 11:00:41
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brokenkazuki Posts: -2

psst.. hindi ko napagana sa SE K800i ... miski globe or smart.. hmm
Posted: 2010-01-14 11:02:10
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pao9195 Posts: 98

Hndi b kau nakarating sa bolt terms of service?kapag hndi umabot don,at hanggang loading lng,cl0se nyo taz open ul8 hanggat d nalabas yung term of service.
@ toph: cge upload ko sa sharemobile,d0n lng ang alam ko e
Posted: 2010-01-14 11:09:01
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