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cassiusdk Posts: 6

I configured the sip like this, but I can't figure out how to make a call true sip/voipbuster.

menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> admin. setting -> SIP settings

Profile name: VoipBuster
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: choose a WiFi connection (I donít recommend a 3G connection

due to software issues)
Public username:
Use compression: no
Registration: When needed
Use security: no
Proxy server: donít need to change anything here

Registrar server
Registrar server address:
Username: your_voipbuster_username
Password: your_voipbuster_password
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

Phone -> Settings -> Connection -> Internet tel. settings ???????????????????????????????????

Profile name: VoipBuster
Sip profiles: VoipBuster
Could someone please explain what is: (menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> admin. setting)
Data Call / Presence / XDM Profile
Whats it for and how to use it.

Posted: 2010-05-01 13:47:06
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

on the run.
-packet data = Internet Connection
-Presence = Presence
-SIP settings = SIP Account for video sharing
-XDM profile = XML document management
-APN control = Add Access Points for packet data and other services.

more detail
packet data - define when to use packet data connections, and enter the access point to be used if you use your device as a modem for a computer

sip settings - create or edit Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) profiles, necessary for making internet calls

xdm settings - create an XDM profile. the xdm profile is needed for various communications applications, such as Presence

VPN - manage the settings for virtual private networking (VPN)

apn control - edit access point names (APN) control list settings. the apn control list allows connections only to the listed access points.

more useful links below
(plus few other things)

SIP Presence Service User Guide - Edition 3.0[....]IP_Presence_Service/index.html

Posted: 2010-05-02 16:28:32
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Alexgol_8 Posts: 12

You the unique person who could explain sense XDM profile. Unfortunately, I very badly understand in Linux.
I ask you to tell that I need to enter in XDM profile:
Field the Address of server XDM??????
Field the Personal name in a network????????
Field the Keyword in a network??????

At me the provider
Login, for example,
Password YYYYYYY
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Posted: 2010-10-17 23:29:51
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

for now regard this information.
its taken from the help menu for the xdm profile
ill give more information later.
Posted: 2010-10-18 10:38:09
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Alexgol_8 Posts: 12

Big thank you !!! XDM service address here this here, for example, ?
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Posted: 2010-10-18 11:12:46
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

How to Use FreeCall with your SIP device
^regard this link//

info here from the above link..nice free calls to australia and im in australia

Posted: 2010-10-20 10:56:45
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Alexgol_8 Posts: 12

DarkKrypt, thanks, it at me is. I use these tunings in Fring and Nimbuzz.
Me interests as correctly to fill fields in XDM profile. In particular, what to write ‚ XDM service address?
Posted: 2010-10-20 13:37:02
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

ok..the xdm has something to do with a xml document give me a few days and ill get back to you. The link is for sip setting in the administritive settings on the satio.
Posted: 2010-10-20 15:25:00
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Alexgol_8 Posts: 12

I thought so that is the only SIP profile. I hope very much for your help in your XDM profile. Sought support SE, there's nothing about this do not know
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Posted: 2010-10-20 17:29:03
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

XDMCP protocol Ė What and How
as i dont have time to explain in my own words.
refer to link above - text below is from link above.

Okay, I will talk about XDMCP today. First we will see what is xdmcp protocol.

There is a nice article on what is XDM is here
^Refer to this link above forwhat is xdm

In very simple words, this a protocol to get the X Windows login to a remote system. The client sends the request to the server and server completes the requests. For this the server allows the clients to connect to XDMCP port. There are various ways the XDMCP works most common being indirect, direct and query. So basically if you are using a XDMCP clinet you will get the feeling of using the server directly with the GUI and all. (It is very similar to VNC but not same as VNC, see here for the differences in ssh, vnc and XDMCP.)

Now, first the server needs to allow XDMCP connections to the window manager. The procedure varies from window manager to window manager but involves opening the port for communication and configuring the server to accept connections on the port. Find here a link to configure the server.

Ok, now if you want to run the client to connect to the server. If you are on Linux, then you can use the Xnest server. Find the artile here to use the Xnest client.

But if you are on Windows then there are couple of clients, and am still not very satisfied with any of them but here are the options:

Xceed Not Free but a really nice client. I personally like the product, have used it in the past. But costly.

Windows Terminal Server This is a free client that can be used as Terminal Client to connect to XDMCP services too. I have not used this personally.

My favourite client is XMing Ė partly because it is freeeee and open source and secondly because of the ease of use.

SSH Tunneling with XDMCP At the end of this article you will find a nice talk about how you can use the ssh tunneling with XDMCP. Its really nicely explained and interesting too.

Do comment if you have used some other clients and think that they are worth mentioning, specially if they are OSS.

Posted: 2010-10-21 11:34:34
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