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citronboll Posts: 1

I got a naite yesterday and now I have a problem with the 3G connection. I live about 500 meters from my operators nearest 3G tower but I still cant seem to get a decent 3G connection. I usually don't have a 3G connection at all, but when I have it will only stay connected for about a minute and jump between 1 to 3 bars.

Is this normal on the naite? Both my old k810 and my g502 had a stable 3G connection with 4 bars.

/Written on a Naite
Posted: 2010-07-10 08:06:23
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GameGeek101 Posts: 36

lol...yea it is or most probably u stay in a township thats why...try downloading sigbooster.jad
Posted: 2010-08-10 16:29:00
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