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Navar Posts: > 500

@rava i found it in UAE. Ok c901 with me now.just a few hours back i got it from UAE deliverd to jordan here using dont find the black color.just white ocean.u knw what.its ugly in white.any way i found a orginal black cover in UAE too.but still waiting the reply after i order it by aramix.i got the green heart version.the screen is good but yellowish as k850.i think every screen have a screen sensor is have new look from inside.many lyout.the browser can be auto routate.thats cool.iam still using it and discovering.its lite n0t heavey.slim.and the cover good and the lenses cover strong.u will feel its metal.i just want the way to how change the housing cover?if any 1 explane with pic wuld be verey nice..thank you and i will keep updating abut any new discover things

Posted: 2010-08-30 16:49:56
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Navar Posts: > 500

But I feel its slow :s as nothing change from k850:s the screen is same yellwish.and in typing any thing for long time in chat throw mig33 example.its so lag.i feel disapointed with c901.even k850 better with taken pic in some shots (mean k850 with my camdrive) spicaly pic with flash.k850 much better and no over bright problem as c901 :s

Edite: Fast in browsing and start up.but when using opera mod 3.12 and start typing and press ok its take a half second then accept the ok as iam typing now after I finshd and press ok it will be like what I said above.and the same in messinger
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Posted: 2010-08-30 16:54:34
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Navar Posts: > 500

Hey guys.i found an option in c901 I dont hear any 1 talkd abut it b4.that option is in camera its add postion.when it turne on and view ur pic in media player .press option then view on map.then when u press it it will open googlemap auto and show ur pic in the map in the same location u tooke the pic in it its great.this phone impressing me day after day .and 1 thing more.if u have the orginal facebook app then u go to camera album press option then u will find 'more' press it the it show 'to facebook' I think it will share the pic on ur fb dirctly I hope to see more feuter in this amazing phone

Posted: 2010-08-30 17:00:12
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mriley Posts: > 500

We all have different experience of the phone, so it's good to know what you think differently I am surprised you get so long out of your battery, I wish I got up to 3 days of use, but I think it's because I use the phone all the time at 100% brightness with light effects and keypad on. But I have two batteries so I never have to wait for C901 to charge Seems like mine has had some wear and tear from me using it too much

I need HSDPA to use internet fully, I need to play HD youtube videos via opera mini with no buffering, if I use GSM then videos will buffer, if I avoid putting my hand over the antenna then they will play fine I think you had the same problem with the Elm as the antenna is at the bottom of the phone.

The Greenheart version looks good in its product pics, all phones are so expensive in UK

Don't give up in your search if you still want it, it took my almost 2 months to find one but I took a leap of faith and it worked out

Nice review there seems like you have same experience as me with the keypad, I like the flat keys instead of curved ones that C901 has

We'll wait for your info on C901

No, I just went on a long rant about what I thought about it yours is better, the one you posted in c901 discussion:
I got my c901 way back october last year and replaced my aging k800i, its a solid phone and cheap here in the Philippines.

I'm Using Noble Black

and here's what i can say about it about your concern:

Len's Cover/Back Cover
>yes, its not that solid like other k or c series, the lens cover tends to slightly out of its track in the sliding mechanism, so sometimes even you open the lens cover the camera wont start or it started then will go off and on, but there's a solution if this happens, just add a little piece of a paper of tape on the contacts of the lens cover, it will to the trick.

i really miss the solid back cover of K series phone

Color Fades
>another yes, for the silver part in the Directional button, it wears off, that's all for the color though, i dunno the part in the keypad

Camera Len's
>During Auto focus, the screen gets a bit blurred after the focus it will back to normal, i don't know if this is normal o not? but it doesn't affect the picture quality or anything, this only happens when lighting is poor, so i think its normal

Here's my
+Light and Slim
+Cool Design and Construction
+5mp Camera with lots of Camera Controls and Led/Xenon Flash
+Very Tactile Keypads
+Cheap Phone i bought it $230 Last Year
+Very Responsive Phone
+Face Book, Google Maps, Youtube, Web Feeds Integration

-No On/off Dedicated Media button
-No Front Facing Camera
-Loud Speaker is not that Loud
-Body made of Plastic only, no Metal >.-No Wifi/GPS
- Box Contents: No Memory Card, No Data Cable

But Overall, c901 is great and i think this is the last cybershot phone that SE made.

Yeah, you are right, despite the C901 not having GPS chip the google maps tracking does a good job, I have used a a few times before with success

Posted: 2010-08-30 17:13:31
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Navar Posts: > 500

New things discoverd the calculater have a bult in converter
Posted: 2010-08-30 17:15:54
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PeterKay Posts: > 500

Got to admit one of the best phones i have used, not only for style but quality features.

Had it for a few months and loved it to bits, i had the white version.

Tempted to get another one! maybe soon.

Will try and upload some piccies later if i can.

more later.........

Posted: 2010-08-30 18:23:01
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Bonovox Posts: > 500

Matt I know that about HSDPA but just turn it off when not in use
Posted: 2010-08-30 19:26:41
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Junz Posts: > 500

Battery life be long, thats one of many good things from modded phone.

I can life with just 10%-20% indoor, when outside 30%. But for that we must using a contrast theme (i'm use a black and white, so every thing still clear in my eye)

Accourding to me using IEM when listening music better for long battery life than a normal headset too. Just in my mind
Posted: 2010-08-30 19:57:41
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mriley Posts: > 500

Im on c901 now, you can still load pages fast with gsm only which I have on now
It only makes a difference when trying to play hd videos
I also found out how you guys are getting so long out of the battery, I have lowered my brightness to 10% and enabled gsm only and in 2 hours of non stop use the phone has remained the same battery percentage

Looking forward to pics

Whats IEM?
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Posted: 2010-08-30 20:04:10
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Junz Posts: > 500

In Ear Monitor

Have u check it untill the battery indikator under 5%?

Trust me from 100% to 80% have different long time than 30% to 10% (this happen to my phone)

I dont know why navar say this phone slower than k850i. May be some1 with both this phone can make a test, codehp may be.
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Posted: 2010-08-30 20:17:34
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