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djin Posts: > 500

Well just released teaser by motorola for their tablet. And There's a bee in it too[....]8wLPdc&feature=player_embedded

I personally think teaser is awesome!
Posted: 2010-12-20 22:23:13
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jplacson Posts: > 500

I think the trailer execution was great...but the concept was a flat out rip-off from Steve Job's keynote of the iPad launch. And the blatant competitor bashing is just too 80's and childish for me.

If these manufacturers stop TRYING (trying being the operative word, since none of them have even come close to succeeding) to be Apple-killers (btw, Android as an OS doesn't count since Google never promised to be an Apple killer) , they'll realize that it really is apples and oranges. Excel in your own right. Not at the expense of someone else. There's enough marketshare to go around... sheesh.

I own both iOS and Android devices. They're both great in their own right and for their own purposes. It's like comparing socks and gloves.
Posted: 2010-12-21 03:26:07
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kunalmothe Posts: 36

This Motorola tablet teaser gets nearly 1500000 views in 2011. That was really good.
Posted: 2014-08-25 08:45:26
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