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Nokia N9 running MeeGo OS will probably be announced at Mobile World Congress in three weeks
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It is just a couple of weeks left until the most important mobile phone event of the year, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona opens. All manufactures except Nokia have announced several new smartphones to be released later this year. Nokia, the largest manufactures of them all needs to announce something big soon if they want to keep the momentum as the leading smartphone manufacture.The upcoming Nokia N9 might be the antisipated flagship for this task. We have seen spy photos of the QWERTY slider Nokia N9 earlier but these photos does not reveal what's inside the phone. The Finnish newspaper Prosessori have some information about the processor powering the N9. They have heard that the N9 will run on Intel Moorestown platform which has a 1.2 GHz Atom processor core. If these rumors are true, it will be the fastest CPU in any Nokia branded phone to this date. Intel's Next-Generation Handheld Platform with codename Moorestown is targeted at Mobile Internet Devices and Smartphones. Moorestown consist of a System Chip, codenamed Lincroft that integrates a 45nm Intel Atom processor core, graphics and video engines, as well as memory and display controllers.The newspaper further adds hope for that the N9 will be the first Nokia smartphone with LTE network support.Nokia N9 will be running MeeGo operating system. MeeGo is a new open source OS based on Linux backed by Intel, Nokia, Novell and the Linux Foundation. MeeGo is the merged result of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo projects. In MeeGo was first anounced by Nokia and Intel at the Mobile World Congress in 2010. Intel later said that MeeGo powered handsets would at the earlies arrive in the first half of 2011. Nokia N9 will most likely have the same 12 megapixel camera as the Nokia N8 has. Smart move by Nokia because N8 has received very good critics for its image quality.The last time Nokia announced a flagship smartphone was in September when the Nokia E7 was told to be available by the end of the year 2010. It was later reported that E7 would be dealyed until 2011. E7 is still not available in stores, but the availablility for E7 is now said to be February this year.
Posted: 2011-01-21 23:31:13
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tranced Posts: > 500

Meego is going to have a tough race against Android. Although its 1.2ghz atom processor would be helpful.

I hope this is an early prototype because its design is awful.
Posted: 2011-01-22 03:18:59
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fbloise Posts: > 500

Posted: 2011-01-22 10:30:47
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