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The Nokia E7 should be available in your favourite mobile phone store in a couple of days. E7 is Nokias new flagship model with an expected retail price of 495 Euro
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Nokia E7 was announced in September last year, and the release date was set to last quarter in 2010. In the middle of December, Nokia reported that the E7 was delayed and it would not be available until this year. This was of course not good news for the finnish company which are lacking a flagship model in the business segment.

The E7 was announced at the same time as  Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7-01 but these two other Symbian^3 smartphones became available shortly after the announcement. We can only speculate why the E7 was delayed, because it just a Nokia N8 with a 4 inch AMOLED display and a QWERTY keyboard so the software should be ready a long time ago.

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 highlights

Until next week, when Nokia will announce a MeeGo device or two, the E7 is Nokias hope in increasing its high-end market share for smartphones. We haven't tried the E7 ourself, but the product photos reveals a nice mobile phone.

Expected retail price is 495 Euro


Posted: 2011-02-07 23:01:54
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