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makbut Posts: 2


Well i have a problem with my sony ericsson w595,
i have tried to fix it but i can't.

The problem is that the mobile is rebooting by itself once in a while.

I tried to connect it with the pc in order to update it, but the phone must be turned on and used in phone mode to be updated, but when i turn on the phone and connect it to usb, it reboots, so the connection is lost every 30-40 sec and i cannot do anything.. If i connect it when it is turned off the only option is mass storage, which is not the appropriate.

If someone knows something about this, i would appreciate it a lot if he/she could help.

thanks in advance.
Posted: 2012-07-14 10:37:29
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chunkybeats Posts: 496

Check your battery, could be on its way out. Also check your connection for the fast port, give it a clean and see, my old w995 had that problem, good luck!
Posted: 2012-07-14 12:40:44
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annafee Posts: 82

Use Sony Ericcson Update Service(SEUS) rather than PC Companion. It uses a different way of connecting which i believe may be ur solution. . And oh it seems that it is now Sony Update Service(SUS). .
Posted: 2012-07-14 16:49:33
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makbut Posts: 2

Thank you for the help. I am going to try what you said.
Posted: 2012-07-16 12:15:16
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kunalmothe Posts: 36

I think your mobile is on auto rebooting mode in setting so it might be having it's auto command to boot whenever it get connect with USB.
Posted: 2014-08-26 08:34:04
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