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hollowin Posts: 1

BB Z10 is areally great phone. Bu I usally use data on it a lot--- browsing websites everyday, texting a lot, watching youtube and playing games sometime. Honestly, if Iunplug my phone early morning and the battery may left 1/3 in the afternoon.

Sooo…the only downside for me is heavy battery drain! Because of my usage, extrabatteries became my must have accessories…I take these batteries from greatmanufactories like MPJ around if I am away from a charger in airport, shoopingmall or just on the go. Only a few extra bucks bring a lot extra juice, so whynot? Recently they push 5000mah one, but I haven’t used those bulky stuff need an extra cases yet, is it very heavy?? But the boosted juice is really attractive...
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Posted: 2013-10-14 10:57:53
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hibiskus Posts: 65

have you tried to load any 10.2 leaks? Leaks give you improved battery performance
Posted: 2013-10-14 11:07:57
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djmax Posts: 7 can try the method hibiskus offered. my friend's z10 improved a little but he still carry second battery in case.
Posted: 2013-10-17 16:50:33
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

The thread op is giving a VERY generic outlook on his usage outcome on his/her usage of this smartphone and yet coming to a detailed & conclusive outcome. This is the generic makings of a troll (with any platform of choice/discussion).

Before suggesting ANY leaks you should be asking (well the op should be stating quite clearly):
How many Hrs/Mins per day of each type of use listed above (Web, Apps - that use Data, Media Streaming - audio/video) ... and most importantly ...
HOW is the data consumed ... which medium is being used WiFi = 802.11b 802.11a or 802.11N - that latter two on ANY smartphone/laptop/tablet will use much more battery life than even 3G/4G.

Is the user in a more rural area if using LTE/HSPA+/HSPA/EDGE/GPRS?! Also critical because now you're using the lower bands for larger reach - meaning your device is using a much higher output (thus battery life increase significantly) in order to connect & use the data. This, no matter the OS version WILL USE Battery life significantly.

Now with all that discussed/disclosed THEN you should be looking for BB10.2 Leaks ... specifically after the first 4 and looking for every 2nd released there after as those are the most stable: I know I've owned a Z10 for 6mths and used a lot of leaks through my time before finally defecting.

NOTE: Applications that use data - including streaming audio/video (i.e. Youtube) through the browser will continue to use the data even when minimized (of the max group of 8 apps minimized before auto closure)! The OS will segregate the data packets and their priority within, automatically. Something to keep in mind. Example ... if you're streaming youtube video in the browser ... specifically OPENED by the Youtube Icon it will have data priority over ANY data being downloaded via the browser that is opened by the browser. Due to this you'll see the data connection go accordingly. Skype/FB/Twitter (or any BB10 app created by BB will always get priority as it's created by BB themselves).

NOTE2: Even if you have BB10.1/10.2 you CAN install a secondary browser acquired specifically from an official 10.2 build (yet still to be released).

So onto all of this will will defer.
Posted: 2013-10-17 21:35:44
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