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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

Hi Everyone,

Now I know most of the users here are Android/Sony fans (I'm a Sony fan as well but I just cant get with Android so I must choose an alternative OS for my needs - Z1 Compact is tempting though).

recent rumors of a Quad-Core BlackBerry 10 device are going around. Of particular interest, beyond using a Quad-Core chip - something another efficient OS (WP8) has proven as beneficial - is the choice of the chip used.

Shown running Geekbench is that it's running the Qualcomm MSM8974AA chip, the same that the Xperia Z1s & Z1 Compact are using.

I can see great things for this OS should it be granted with such a chip, and equal improvements with the core OS, user UI improvements and at least a 2880mAh battery (The Z30 has over a day full heavy use)! Along with Applications, native Qt/Cascade applications that take FULL advantage of the cpu and expanded ideas of really thinking of the OS as a mobile laptop replacement. Yes some here will laugh hysterically at that, however its BlackBerry's vision since working on BB10 after the purchase and using QNX at it's core.

Currently and since BB10.1 this is what can be done (the USB on the Go via Q5, Z30, and Q10 I believe):

BlackBerry 10 Literally Replacing a Desktop for Mobile Computing (Video)

Some of you that recall the early 2nd/3rd generation Motorola Droid's having a similar landscape orientation and both the mobile and desktop versions of the FireFox browser and their accessories such as the "LapDock 100/500(?)" to fully use the smartphone as a laptop. This didn't sell well but it was a great idea and could've been great for students if they kept pushing for it as Android continued to evolve.

Ontario will be sporting BlackBerry OS 10.3, a Quad-core Snapdragon 800, and 2GB RAM. Keep in mind that Developers using the Dev Alpha A/B devices still only have 1GB of RAM and run VERY well for all applications available or submitted into the store.
Posted: 2014-02-13 07:43:42
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DSF Posts: > 500

Wow, really neat stuff with USB on the Go!

I really would like the developer to focus more on this platform. The BB UI is really intuitive.
I don't want poorly running Android apps on BB, just native, non-HTML5 wrappers!
Posted: 2014-02-16 13:06:36
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Away Posts: > 500

BlackBerry can't do it alone. The OS has promise no doubt. They HAVE TO licence to others. And for a very small fee too, if not for no fee. It will get the OS into more markets and at more price ranges, and will attract developers.

Posted: 2014-02-16 19:14:59
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