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BlackBerry Interactive Chart
Seems that despite the haters, this recent quarterly results & direction boosted confidence in BlackBerry's stock ... up $1.5CAN on the "BB" TSX Canadian stock exchange in Toronto since June 19th and holding. Multiple analysts now have changed their SELL rating to a HOLD rating; not great but it's not a short sell rating any longer. Funny as Bloomberg, a news reporting site I usually trust has NOT released ANY of Blackberry's press release just WHEN it was supposed to be released. However, Reuters did.

May 28th, 2014
The negative states that BlackBerry Market Share to Fall to 0.3% in 2018, IDC Says.

June 18th
BlackBerry stated officially support for Android applications using Amazon's Android appstore (neglecting Google Services, and not having to pay any royalties to Google, not to mention protecting personal end users' data).

N4BB site stated an interesting look at BlackBerry just after recent news of Amazon
With this week’s Amazon announcement, that shift is complete. BlackBerry has essentially opted to purchase Amazon’s consumer apps and services ecosystem than build its own. Considering how their previous attempts have fared to date, this is a very smart move to shore up its consumer offering — important for the BYOD customer — so it can focus on the enterprise apps and services that will fuel its future business. But the net result is a further deprecation of native BlackBerry 10 development and BlackBerry World. N4BB reports that it is unlikely that Mallick will be replaced, and I agree. As one former BlackBerry employee put it to me today, BlackBerry “no longer has a need for that kind of BD organization.”

(Interesting footnote: this is not the first time BlackBerry has been presented with this type of licensing deal. About a year ago it was rumoured that BlackBerry was in negotiations to get Google services on BlackBerry 10. The catch? BlackBerry had to swallow having the Play Store on BlackBerry 10, effectively killing the native BB10 ecosystem. For a variety of reasons, the deal ultimately fell through. The lesson as always: BlackBerry is a different company under Chen.)

The one caveat is of course enterprise app development. BlackBerry stated during its Amazon announcement that it would soon unveil a new “enterprise application partner program” for corporate developers, ISVs, and system integrators, to develop “business-class functionality and enhance users’ productivity, communication and collaboration.” Native BlackBerry 10 developers currently not building these apps should take a long, hard look at their future plans — either in making a switch to enterprise and productivity app development, or prioritizing other platforms. We’ve already seen popular consumer developers opt for Android ports of their apps rather than invest in native BlackBerry 10 development, what incentive do they have now with a lack of organizational support from BlackBerry and a competing app store on the same platform?

For it’s part, BlackBerry has reached out to us to say that more will be revealed about its newfound enterprise/productivity focus at a developer web jam next week. We’ll let you know the details as soon as we have them.

We have received information that there is a total strategy change when it comes to applications. BlackBerry confirmed a few things off the cuff:

No Google Play Services – Amazon’s store builds around the need for them with their own services
The Amazon Appstore will be the base Android app, not a native experience
A unified App Store was NOT even considered
Native games and ‘Fun Apps’ will not be featured in the BlackBerry World Carousel
Developers can still submit native apps to BlackBerry World – but BlackBerry wants consumer apps in Amazon.

June 19th
BlackBerry to Announce First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results on Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Blackberry beat analysts expectations, lowering the losses. Many feel that selling property at Waterloo headquarters, renting out 1/3 of what it sold to University of Waterloo was the major reason, however those sales haven't vested in time to make this quarterly result.


WATERLOO Ontario/TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd posted a narrower-than-expected quarterly loss on Thursday as the troubled smartphone maker's turnaround efforts started to pay off, raising hope that its chief executive can deliver on a pledge to return the company to steady profits.

BlackBerry shares surged more than 10 percent after the company said it spent less cash than many expected in its fiscal first quarter, ended May 31, and its gross profit margin rose.

"The short trade is over in this name, for now," said BGC analyst Colin Gillis. "They've got enough liquidity, and they've given us clear profitability targets."

BlackBerry said its low-cost Z3 smartphone was selling well in Indonesia and that its services business, which manages its own and rival mobile devices on the internal networks of large organizations, had won back some customers from rivals.

Here is where BlackBerry has stated it's claim, but there is MUCH more to BlackBerry than many know.
Chen wants BlackBerry to remain a competitor in the smartphone segment, but he is focused on its services business, which made up 54 percent of revenue in the quarter, up from 26 percent only a year earlier. The company works with hundreds of large companies and government agencies to securely manage their networks.

As the company rolls out new phones later this year, its revenue growth is likely to be driven more by its smartphones, but the services business is likely to drive higher margins, Chen told reporters.

The one thing I wanted to highlight is about BlackBerry as a services company ... something many non-apologetic users know about BlackBerry.

June 12th - Services & BlacKBerry

BlackBerry ties three-year EnStream deal to provide mobile payment infrastructure across Canada

The last we heard, EnStream, a joint mobile payment venture between Rogers, TELUS and Bell, was signing up Canada’s largest credit union, Desjardin, as a mobile payment partner.

news of out its camp is that BlackBerry has signed a three-year deal to provide the payment infrastructure to communicate between NFC-enabled smartphones and their partner banks, including Royal Bank, TD, CIBC and the aforementioned Desjardins

Mobile payments are indeed taking off in Canada, with all three carriers launching some form of NFC-based payment product this year. Rogers recently launched the suretap wallet, which allows users to pay for items using a prepaid MasterCard at any swipeless payment terminal, and Bell is already in the final stage of its own mobile wallet product. More recently, TD Canada Trust rolled out mobile credit card payments for a select number of NFC-enabled Android and BlackBerry devices, with more compatibility to come in the near future.

One thing all of these products have in common is a single-point backend infrastructure powered by EnStream. Because BlackBerry was already a partner on the client side, working with CIBC and Rogers on the first NFC-related credit card payment system in Canada, making the transition to provide communications infrastructure was not a big leap. The company, though downtrodden, is attempting to reinvent itself as the go-to facilitator of enterprise solutions, and its secure network infrastructure is still second-to-none.

BlackBerry has achieved PCI, Visa and MasterCard certification already, and according to Nicolas Dinh, Vice President of Emerging Payments, MasterCard, “BlackBerry’s involvement in the payment chain will help build trust in Canada and abroad.”

BlackBerry is not unfamiliar with the payment space, having launched BBM Money in Indonesia a couple of years ago.

BlackBerry will be expanding BBM Money in the near future to other countries.

New hardware was accounce:
BlackBerry Classic (a newer Bold in the form of a BB10 OS with that classic toolbelt)
^ personally I think it's a stupid decision!

BlackBerry Passport
^ uniquely styled device.

Posted: 2014-06-22 19:06:18
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Dups! Posts: > 500

For me, I am waiting for Q4 results, I think it is pretty early to be seeing where BlackBerry is headed but the current situation is promising.

The Passport, however, what a phone! I love that thing, I think it is just brilliant and I cant wait for it. The rumours of that competitive full-touch phone are also very encouraging, finally BlackBerry will have a completely current high-end phone to take on everybody. Let's just hope it is not too late.

If they release at least three full-touch phones: high-end, mid-end and low end and have the rest as QWERTY types tyen they wold have covered their bases. It will then be up to their marketing department (which sucks by the way) and then ultimately the consumers.

I honestly wish them good luck, they need that, cause I really, really love BB10 and would love to continue with it.
Posted: 2014-06-23 15:21:33
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

I'm loving BB10 just as much if not more than you are; and I too wish to continue using it!

BlackBerry Passport ... definitely will be mine!
- I have to teach myself how to type on a physical keyboard all over again lol, imagine that. But capacitive physical keyboard ... woah!! mind blown!

Low end ... already taken care of with Z3 which is having good sales within Indonesia, India set to release in the next few weeks. LTE Z3 version going elsewhere.

Mid range touch ... needs to properly replace Z10 ... that device is looking it's age in performance right now ... but I miss thta 4.2" screen size ... it's seemingly more crisp than my Z30 but I still have that crappy out of the box screen protector on it.

The promise of that Passport BB is that it's got 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage+MicroSD card slot and also Quad-Core CPU!!! with BB10.3.

PS: Amazon has SanDisk 64GB MicroSD, Class 10, UHS-1 Extreme (?) for $49 before tax this weekend. 128GB is $119.
Posted: 2014-06-28 23:54:35
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

Hi All,

So after a few months here is an update of what BlackBerry, you know the underdog all consumers and iPhone users love to pick-on and hate, including analysts that actually USE BlackBerry while they criticise the company.

Now I've specifically mentioned before that there is a LOT more to BlackBerry than just mobile phones, email, and corporate mobile phone use.

The Chancellor of the British Empire uses it, Germany's political lead, Britain & Canada's prime minister uses it, but there is so much more than just phones.

Under their new CEO with a very successful proven track record for turning around corporations into success, real world profits and high revenues - that also leads to sales (which is very difficult for BlackBerry being a Canadian company with security aspects for multiple corporations and company's you need to understand there is more than phones.

Some people think BlackBerry will not and cannot survive without an ecosystem. I'll agree to a point ... the consumer ecosystem should exist to battle with the likes of Android and iOS ... but it doesn't HAVE to compete.

Blackberry is not simply a hardware company ... their software, networking and services - specifcally honed on Secure Network Infrastructure ... always has always will be.

Here is the Ecosystem, that started with their secure NOC and no ... being built up!

BES 12!!

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 12 is released.
Previous to this ... offering, like all other Mobile Device Management (MDM's) and EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) offerings - both Server Software internally, Cloud hosted and hybrid ... these would just offer management of mobile devices ... some like Microsoft's SCOM/SCCM would manage policy's on servers and laptops, soon after their Windows Pocket-PC/PE and somewhat Windows Phone platform (yet Microsoft chose to use ActiveSync).

But what of other devices, what of other ... End Points: Home Security, Thermostats, personally owned and deployed Solar panels (I know of 3 corporate executives that have this in their homes in the USA managed through some crappy telco but accessible ONLY through IE on a laptop/desktop PC. What about a fleet of trucks or cars, rentals or for a small shipping business, what about a whole car manufacturer that wishes to save 10's of Millions of ($$) dollars on recalls? What about airlines getting real-time data off of grounded or in-flight planes (Air traffic controls STILL uses mainframe for this) ... what about internet connected fridges, infrastructure of ordering groceries online, etc etc etc?

Some call it the Internte of Things (IoT). This is where BES12 and BlackBerry's NOC comes in.[....]oss-platform-emm-solution.html

Partners already showing support includes:
Bombardier (airplanes remember), American Crane, Home Hardware (US based home repair, tools, building store), Ingram Micro (recent BB10 devices reseller partner in Canada), Orange France SA, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, DMI, etc.

Another MAJOR implementation, an industry first is ... MULTI-MS EXCHANGE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT

"Enable your employees to access calendars, email and contact information of authorized colleagues or team mailboxes on their BlackBerry smartphones with ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate, speeding up efficient business processes and communications. Setup and configuration is simple and straightforward"

Oh and managing devices: Android, BlackBerry OS (BB5/6/7), BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Windows Phone ... oh I forgot one last thing ... Samsung's KNOX is integrated for Android support. Let me make this clear Samsung Approached BlackBerry - especially after licensing KNOX to Google and them not doing anything with it yet in Android 5 yet!!

BlackBerry also announced a new partnership with Samsung where BES12 will manage a wide range of Samsung KNOX smartphones and tablets. The companies will work together in regulated industries and with government customers

Check out the BlackBerry for Enterprise Event ... it's long, and I'll agree boring with horrible humor - it's no Samsung/Android/iOS fun and butter ful glee type presentation to make you 'FEEL' good ... it's pedal to the metal. The attendance is there to assess changes that MAKE THEM MONEY ... not to make them feel good and brag. In business it's about ... "If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense!" If you can bear it and full grasp and get what is presented ... you'll come away with new insight on what BlackBerry as a company is about ... and WHY their STILL not DEAD yet. Maybe you'll begin to wonder why iOS and Android presentations work so hard to make viewers 'feel' good while attending or watching in the first place. Take that away for 2yrs and will the OS and it's credentials continue to appeal to the mass audience, based on features and direction alone?[....]-study/na/en/RMHS_ThudBook.pdf

Mercedes Benz AMG Petronas[....]na/en/MercedesAMG_ThudBook.pdf


The Passport has already been released and featured in another thread here ....

The Classic is debuting December 17th, the countries for release are odd, and to be honest I personally feel this will sell but it's such a legacy design and takes a major step back - old folks have difficulty learning new tricks! Honestly it's over priced and under-powered based on current rumors.

Posted: 2014-11-18 05:52:50
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

For those that will still claim BlackBerry is dead , due to obvious and current global market ownership of 3% ... take note ...

BlackBerry has a new Snr Vice President of Global Carrier Sales.[....]-president-global-carrier-sale

BlackBerry is in the midst of executing on a strong product roadmap with well-received offerings - from BES12 and BBM Protected to BlackBerry Passport and, very soon, BlackBerry Classic," said BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. "Under Howard Stevens' leadership, we will work more closely with our carrier partners to put these innovative products into the hands of more customers and position BlackBerry for faster growth."

Based in BlackBerry's Slough, UK office, Mr. Stevens will report directly to Mr. Chen and starts work immediately. Mr. Stevens most recently served as general manager of the Global Telecom business unit at SAP. He also held sales leadership roles at Amdocs, a global leader in customer care and billing software for the communications industry, Vallent, a provider of performance management tools for wireless service providers, and Chernikeeff Networks, the first Cisco Systems reseller in the U.K. He also has a strong track record for revenue and margin growth, leading large organizations as well as building sales teams and processes in entrepreneurial start-up environments.

BlackBerry is taken notice and their going to make strides to change the downturn of dropping sales. It'll take some time but Enterprise is king and a VERY lucrative market.

BlackBerry 2-Factor authentication.
(Goodbye hard token, goodbye pins)

PKI Based Authentication for Authentication
Completely secure that only BlackBerry can do,
Lower Cost to deploy,
1 less device to configure, deploy and the end user to carry.

1. Server – Install VPN Authentication by BlackBerry on the same hardware or
VM image as your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5 (BES5), BlackBerry® Enterprise
Service 10 (BES10) or BES12. For the best performance, install the server on its
own computer or VM image.
2. Client App – Your employees may install the client app on any iOS, Android,
BlackBerry® 10 or BlackBerry OS device managed by BES5, BES10 or BES12.
App updates can be pushed to devices from the app stores.

I Personally deploy hardware RSA-Token's ... deploy RSA Software Tokens to BB10 devices using BES10. Both methods, without interruption and speed takes me roughly 10mins to configure a new user from start to finish. This new method would take me roughly 3mins!

BBM Meetings

BlackBerry finally takes corporate office Video Confering, and Audio Conferencing on a global scale and makes it purely mobile - full HOST Controls - including Presentation.
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Posted: 2014-11-18 06:45:50
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Supa_Fly Posts: > 500

Lastly ... some of you might wonder why BlackBerry is focusing back to it's roots on Enterprise/Corporations. This is their ecosystem ... BES, NOC, Security - hardware and software, all tied into the mobility space ... everything is going mobile. Soon it'll be LESS about securing your device ... and more about securing your data.

Security - BlackBerry buys SecuSmart![....]e-reviews-from-media-analysts/[....]/secusuite-for-blackberryr-10/

- investment and awaiting cross-government regulatory approval they've purchased a security firm that encrypts Voice and Data end to end (meaning the carrier cannot, even with tagging IMEI/IMSI/SIMs with specific certs that act like tags to track your data for sale, cannot do so nor eavesdrop on voice calls.
- Available across Android, BlackBerry 10, and iOS.
- The smart card enables 340 sextillion keys for encryption purposes, high speed coprocessor encrypts voice and data communication using 128 bit AES, the most secure and efficient algorithm for encrypting data and voice communication.[....]ities/secusmart-security-card/

add to this with ...

BlackBerry enables 2 phone lines on one SIM card, with the above voice/data encryption.

BlackBerry study reveals enterprises are aware of risks and threats in mobile deployments[....]nkie47lznaqvkwqwn7ssvavvkksxek

Some may argue ... why would a company pay for this with Open Whisper Systems for iOS and Android?! Read on ...


NathanaelCulver • 4 months ago
Before I try this, I'd like to know why I need to register, and provide my cellphone number.

The real problem here is that Signal only encrypts the content of the message. It does nothing to mask where I'm am, who I'm calling or when and for how long we spoke. Metadata IS data.

What I'd really like to see is a peer-to-peer, secure Skype replacement that can be used over wifi and even routed through anonymous proxy servers. Is there such an animal?

The NSA NathanaelCulver • 3 months ago
Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

If you assume an adversary who can intercept a significant chunk of global traffic, then removing a central signaling infrastructure (as Tox seems to do, at a glance, through using a DHT a la Bittorrent) doesn't necessarily achieve much. Your adversary can just track all traffic anyway. (Even onion router networks have some susceptibility to such traffic analysis, especially if latency is a concern, as with voice traffic. See e.g.

Pond (https://pond.imperialviolet.or...) is a stab at solving this for text traffic. Doing so for voice traffic strikes me as probably being hard.

Somewhat paradoxically, using a large central service like Google or Yahoo means your traffic is _less_ suspicious and less susceptible to traffic analysis, but only if those centralized services are themselves secure and trustworthy.

NathanaelCulver The NSA • 2 months ago
"...but only if those centralized servers are themselves secure and trustworthy."

Aye, and there in lies the rub. Both Google and Yahoo have a long way to go before, at least in my mind, they could be considered trustworthy. Apple, in iOS 8, has taken some steps to reestablish that trust, but to my mind it's not there yet.

I'm no expert on traffic analysis or security so I'm not sure I completely understand your comments viz. latency and traffic analysis. Are you saying that latency provides a window into which entities such as the NSA can insert themselves? And would that be only of interest to people who are, say, people of interest to the NSA. Those of us who are nobodies on the Internet, would we need to worry about that? Or is that only of concern to people whom the NSA has specifically targeted? Are we talking about something that needs to be done real time and via human intervention, or is it something a computer algorithm could do, and after-the-fact?

Now you know WHY a corporation & governments would invest in solutions such as SecureSmart and license from a trusted security provider and solutions provider with cellular networking infrastructure experience and design such as BlackBerry.

Finally ....

BlackBerry study reveals enterprises are aware of risks and threats in mobile deployments.[....]nkie47lznaqvkwqwn7ssvavvkksxek

The gap in understanding how inadequately managed mobile devices in the workplace can contribute risk — yet not taking action to mitigate that risk is evident, as 66 percent of those surveyed acknowledge they find it difficult to keep up with current and emerging mobile threats, while 70 percent of the same respondents say they know they are more tolerant of risk than they should be with their enterprise mobility. This increases to 76 percent in BYOD environments.

"Deloitte's clients face a wide range of complex issues when assessing the adoption of new technology. From Deloitte's own research, we know that Digital Risk and in particular mobile technologies are of growing concern," said Kieran Norton, Principal, Security & Privacy, Deloitte & Touche LLP. "As the technical capabilities of connected devices increase exponentially, so do the threats to devices, data and infrastructure as well as wider risks around issues such as regulatory compliance and operational support. While clients recognize the potential upside of mobile driven innovation, at this time we still see many companies grappling with the implications of mobile technologies and finding the 'sweet spot' where new business opportunities are exploited while managing risk and balancing the tradeoff between control and user experience."

"It's startlingly clear that mobile technology has transformed daily business faster than most businesses have been able to adapt," said John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry. "Leaders at all levels of organizations around the world are realizing the very real gaps that exist in their technology infrastructure – and the potentially devastating consequences of a breach. As workforces become ever more mobile, BlackBerry leads the industry in developing solutions that provide flexibility without sacrificing security."

Examples of real security breaches and how they could affect you - directly or indirectly (the company you may work for or have a licensed sales agreement with, or partnering or work for under contract.

JPMorgan's Password Breach
Hackers pulled off one of the largest cyber-attacks ever by exploiting an employee password to crack JPMorgan Chase & Co. servers. The hackers accessed data on 76 million households (65 percent of all U.S. households) and 7 million small businesses from a financial institution that is supposed to have fortress-like barriers. The stolen data included names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, though only customers who use the websites and JPMorganOnline and the apps ChaseMobile and JPMorgan Mobile were affected, the bank said. There's no evidence hackers obtained account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers or dates of birth. The bank said it hasn't seen any unusual fraud since the attack, leading to speculation by law enforcement and security experts that the hackers are sponsored by the Russian government.


JPMorgan Employee Password Was Key in Hack Hitting 76 Million Homes

Bloomberg Infographics 21-AUG-2014[....]4-08-21/top-data-breaches.html

Top 10 Breaches of Personal Records
(#1 cause ... Malicious Outsider)

Court Ventures: 21-OCT-2013
Adobe: 18-SEPT-2013
eBay 21-MAY-2013
Heartland Payment Systems 20-JAN-2009
Target 04-NOV-2013
TJX Retail Stores 17-JAN-2007
US Military Veterans 02-OCT-2009

(scary when the Drones of better encrypted security at the OS Kernel level than veterans' own data)

Evernote 13-FEB-2013
Living Social 04-APR-2013
CardSystems 16-JUNE-2005

And VERY Recently ...

HSBC Loses 2.7 Million Customers Data in Turkey-Attack

“There have been breaches in the past, but because there was no obligation for transparency or disclosure it wasn’t really made public,” Karatas said by phone from San Francisco.
Selahaddin Karatas, founder of passwordless security company SAASPASS

US Retailers ...
Visa Inc. (V), MasterCard Inc. (MA) and American Express Co. have given U.S. retailers and banks until October to adopt EMV -- which requires either a signature or a personal identification number -- or assume liability for some fraudulent transactions.

^ next time you figure that security shouldn't matter to you personally or that 'you have nothing to hide' ... it's not about hiding it's about protecting your credit score/rating and your dollars ... personal piece of mind.

Posted: 2014-11-18 07:21:52
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