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According to the report released by Apple Analyst Ming Chi Kuo to the investors of the Apple, he said that the iPhone 7 plus is going to have two variants, one is going to have iSight camera on the other hand the second one will have two cameras for excellent picture quality. He also stated that the phone will have advanced features of LinX that specializes in multi aperture Camera equipment. The iphone 7 plus will run on the hardware of Sony, the best tech company in cameras.

The dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have 12 mega pixel sensor and a wide focus. One camera setup will have the optical stage stabilization technique and wide focus and other one will have 3x telephoto lens.

This phone will have inter changing feature among its sensors on the bases of the situation of taking picture and picture stanching for better output. The camera of iPhone 7 plus is promising to give better clarity in its pictures taken even while zooming. The company is also expecting to sell 25 to 35 % of its handsets by the end of this year.

Posted: 2016-03-18 06:27:54
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