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bahraini Posts: 356

I can't believe it am again back to Esato
Since Sony Ericsson was gone I only come here to read.

Anyway, I was looking to upgrade my Z1 compact which I was sure about Z5 Compact
But the X family came out.

Now am confused which one shall I go for? whats your advice.

Both almost very similar , only the processor and 1gb ram more in the X??
Posted: 2016-06-20 21:11:16
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XperiaJunkie Posts: > 500

I'd personally wait and see if Sony have anything to show at IFA if not I'd go for the Z5 Compact as the price alone is well worth it.
Posted: 2016-06-20 21:51:25
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goldenface Posts: > 500

The compact is at a good price, the Xperia X is a good looking phone though but a different proposition. The latest camera improvements in the X look good.
Posted: 2016-06-20 22:46:04
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