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Tibagy Posts: > 500

Amazing Review
Posted: 2018-02-09 02:21:18
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

Q. Does this or the xz2 have 'dual apps' built in?
Just realised I used two phones previously now only going to use one phone
Posted: 2018-05-13 02:32:56
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

I bought the xa2 ultra should arrive within two weeks.
In addition if the xz2 premium has a great back and front camera/s and battery life on par with xz2 I'll sell the xa2ultra
And get the xz2 premium.

When it arrives I'll give a review of the xa2 ultra aswell *thumbs up*

In addition I got the 4gb ram/64gb internal memory from Hong Kong (I'm is Australia, Melbourne)
I realised Americans get the 4gb/32gb int memory.
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Posted: 2018-05-15 03:16:36
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

Got my xa2 ultra damn it's nice will write up and provide some pictures etc in about 10-12 hours
Posted: 2018-05-19 16:28:58
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doministry Posts: > 500

On 2018-05-19 16:28:58, DarkKrypt wrote:
Got my xa2 ultra damn it's nice will write up and provide some pictures etc in about 10-12 hours

Yes great!
Posted: 2018-05-20 13:53:20
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DarkKrypt Posts: > 500

Sorry for late reply and no pics yet but I'll make dot points
1. At 49% battery life wifi on whole time and screen brightness set to just abit to the left of the first icon(mine is the wifi icon)
I got 6h45mins screen on time

2. Apps I have installed : Gmail chrome, Facebook, messenger, outlook, Gmail, YouTube, Shazam, Evernote, two banking apps, an electricity and home internet usage tracking apps, Snapchat, Instagram, duo, , Imgur, Google 'home'(for Chromecast), eBay Amazon, PlayStation messenger, twitch, Xperia lounge, FX file explorer, the Sony 'weather' app, Google maps, blue light filter - night (as Sony doesn't have it stock),
Google gboard and Adobe acrobat reader.

Why I've mentioned these apps is cause some apps to drain battery more so then others - this is so you guys know what I use daily

I will test out in the coming days normal 3g+/hsupa only usage no wi-fi and average mid brightness (I don't use adaptive brightness)

All settings off when I don't use them only use GPS when I need directions - i don't use it for Snapchat FB etc.
Only things activated are mobile data, NFC only used when needed too .

Edit- oh and auto sync for Gmail/outlook FB etc

3. Phone is big but sits nice in hand and is also slippery , got a case for it now - more grip

4. I got the black one as everything is black all buttons etc real sleek looking, comments have been positive

5. Screen is bright - brighter then my z5 premium
But cannot go dimmer then the Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus.

6.speaker is louder then my xz5p and same if not bit louder then my Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus

7.Camera is good for mid range ,better then xz5p (I think it's the same sensor as xz5p but shoots same if not better - yet to test this but on first impressions)

7.5.Front cams are great girls love the front normal and wide cams and the led flash is great - i think it's pretty good too lol - samples will come by the weekend.

Videos I haven't test yet but will hopefully over the weekend have everything ready to upload here.

8. The power button is in a great position for my hand and so are the volume buttons and I actually don't mind the z3? (If this is where it appeared first) power button looks good

9. Finger print scanner is in a nice position and reactive ; it's not instant lime the Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus but has a smooth transition effect you could call it (i believe this is the way they wanted it i don't know)

10.Snapdragon 630 is pretty good - good response time no issues , no major lags I have munisical ones in chrome with many tabs open etc - it was abit worse on xz5p.

12. The weight, so at first yes heavier then the Xiaomi and xz5p but feels good in the hand like the xz5p no complaints here

Any questions by all means ask
Thanks everyone
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Posted: 2018-05-21 13:42:10
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