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Amanda08520 Posts: 6

Hello all,
I am there for help. I have bought my iphone6 about one year, but I broked my screen last week, and i have bought a screen from Amazon and want to replace it by myself, is there any guide help me do it?
Posted: 2018-10-18 08:37:06
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tranced Posts: > 500

At iFixit you will always find a guide for almost every phone. There you go:[....]+la+pantalla+de+iPhone+6/29339
Posted: 2018-10-18 11:49:28
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Amanda08520 Posts: 6

Thanks for your reply, my friend also share one article about replace IPhone 6 broken screen
It help me a lot!
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Posted: 2018-10-25 07:49:41
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lilamartin Posts: 1

Ya, obviously it is there. You can visit many of the sites or can see videos to learn the method. It is not that much easier to replace the screen of the iPhone. You can also go through[....]connecting-to-apple-id-server/ for help.
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Posted: 2018-11-27 07:48:52
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nat121 Posts: 6

If you have a mobile iPhone repair that needs fixing but worried about the collection and return anywhere in London. Got issues like cracked iPhone screens, iPad repairs, MacBook screen, Samsung repairs, battery replacements, and other device parts.

Gadgetwiz Express tech repair specialists are there for you. You just need to order a repair. Our same day mobile repairs get our customers connected back to their phones/gadgets on the same day
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Posted: 2020-10-13 14:42:02
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