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T68Girl Posts: 33

Just an interesting inquiry...

What contracts are you all on, and what do you get with those contracts? I don't pay line rental, and my calls are UK 1p or 2p a minute to other mobiles on my network and landlines at all times. Text messaging is 3p or 5p. This is a staff talkplan. With this I got a free 6210 and free insurance.

Also, who here has seperate insurance on their phone which covers more than just the general warranty-phone failure cover? Mine is free and inclusive. If my phone is dropped, stamped on, lost, stolen, or if I damage it myself (for example, damage trying to take the back off or water damage) etc, I get a brand new one from my service provider in 1-2 days. It's certainly a relief to know that I am protected in all circumstances. I had a habit of dropping my old A300 when running for the bus! On two occasions it went skidding down the road, broke into two pieces (battery and phone), and I had no insurance on it! Argh!

Just wondered if anyone else benefits from free insurance?
Posted: 2002-02-28 15:45:00
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