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nightic Posts: 84

I'm pleased to announce that as demand has been high for the Lunar Grey Ericsson T68 cover-sets, I've been able to buy in more of them than anticipated and therefore as the unit cost to myself is lower, I'm able to pass on this lower price to customers.

The new price per set is: UKŁ29/US$42/EU€47/CN$66

Shipping prices remain the same as previously stated.

I will begin taking payments only when I have the items in my possession which will be on or around March 24th.
Payment methods, as before will include:

Personal cheque
Money/Postal order
NoChex (UK only -
Bankers Draft
Cash (send insured only)
Wire Transfer (Western Union etc -

and for extra international customer confidence:

Escrow ( [please note that this method incurs a slight increase in postage cost due to the need to upgrade the shipping method to one that allows for online package tracking].

Thanks again.

Posted: 2002-03-19 13:28:00
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nightic Posts: 84

My next shipment of these Official Ericsson covers is due in around the 12th of April, pre-orders are being taken now, see above for details.
Posted: 2002-03-29 22:18:00
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cadcad Posts: > 500

That's a lot!!!
the originial cover for the T68 in my country costs 27$!! and even this is a lot for a cover!!!
Posted: 2002-03-29 23:26:00
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nightic Posts: 84

My stated price is for the entire official Ericsson set comprising of the front cover, the rubber piece above the battery on the back as well as the entire plastic area the battery is mounted on (useful if you have the infamous battery rattle problem).

Unfortunately I can't sell the individual pieces seperately as I receive them as a set myself. Whatsmore this price is only a fraction above that of 3rd-party fakes.

[ This Message was edited by: nightic on 2002-03-30 01:45 ]
Posted: 2002-03-30 01:44:00
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