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bart Posts: > 500

what about adding places to the forum were people can add post just for there country ok you will have a lot of new things but it will be easyer for us.
Posted: 2002-03-27 16:32:00
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n|ck_xp Posts: 363

If you want you can create a topic and talk to this just people from your country...
Greece and filipenes already do that.
Posted: 2002-03-27 16:34:00
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all8 Posts: 372

Point taken. But why must we make things so complicated by setting out forums for different countries?. Ask silly questions and get silly answers are just part and parcel of having fun in esato.
Posted: 2002-03-27 17:22:00
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3.1415926 Posts: 236

Bad idea I think, there just is too little people of each country.

[ This Message was edited by: 3.1415926 on 2002-03-27 17:49 ]
Posted: 2002-03-27 17:47:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

... filipenes already do that

The country is called Philippines, the people are called Filipinos.
Posted: 2002-04-02 12:45:00
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