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oror Posts: 42

some one have this phone?????????
Posted: 2002-03-31 00:49:00
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mixin Posts: > 500

its not out yet dammit, how many times has this been covered
Posted: 2002-03-31 01:11:00
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denpa Posts: 38

Mixin I have it in my hand right now =)
Iīve got some contacts at Nokia and I can tell you this is the best phone Iīve ever had!! The camera works really good, I thought it would be crap but itīs really good quality on these images. The phone is not that big that everybody say, itīs approx. like a nokia 3310.

Posted: 2002-05-12 23:10:00
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3.1415926 Posts: 236

Maybe but the 3330 is quite big too.
Posted: 2002-05-12 23:14:00
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riflogic Posts: > 500

yeah saw the lady on the train sitting next to me playing around with it. When she noticed I could not stop staring at it, she was quick to put it in her handbag
Posted: 2002-06-20 18:38:00
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