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laffen Posts: > 500

Team Esato is now taking over responibilitey for Playtime.
We have got a few "goodies" from and these will be raffeled off in sessions called "Playtime!!!".
A few of you will remember Playtime from a coupple of months back where Tranquil was chucking out his personal property "all over the place".
kindly has given us a bag of Necklaces/key-rings and some Lazer pointers we will use as Playtime prizes over the next few weeks.
The new Playtime will be one topic thrown out randomly by Tranquil where the winner is announced imidiatly.
There will, in addition to this, be occational playtime sessions running over a few days. These will be the ones where "bigger" prizes are to be won. First runner up for that one is a 100-car. (Future "big" prizes will depend on what we can get a hold of…)

The rules of Playtime

Topics called Platime!!! will appear unanounced somewhere in Esato Forums.
Tranquil will ask for REPLY number X, the lucky one to get the right number in line will be the winner.
To avoid multiple replies in a row; these will count as one reply only.

The more substantial Playtimes will be played as before.

So, keep your eyes open and look for Playtime!!!

Good luck to you all!

Team Esato

PS: If you have any questions, please send Tranquil a PM

Posted: 2003-11-28 09:50:30
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laffen Posts: > 500

I have noticed that someone are running scripts to grab pages from Esato every second. Probably to scan for a Playtime topic. Due to high server load (and bandwith expenses) these ip's are temporary blocked.
Posted: 2003-11-29 01:48:16
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