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simontribb Posts: 32
does anybody know what type of paint was used on this cover as i want to spray my original cover


Posted: 2002-04-28 20:16:00
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^DA^ZoMBiE Posts: 63

Better to get a new cover that spraying your original..
Posted: 2002-06-06 19:37:00
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hho Posts: 13

One of my friends (Who is an automechanic) Spraypainted his orignal cover for a Nokia 3310 with auto paint (he sprayed his car, and did the phone in the same color). It turned out very nice and durable!

P.s. NO GUARANTEES for how it will work! So don't do it unless youre aware that it might suck!!

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Posted: 2002-06-19 10:20:00
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