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arnoldc Posts: > 500

Pinoy Chit-Chat! Check post #s 2 and 3 of this thread.
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Posted: 2002-05-19 15:54:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

FAQito - the mini-FAQ for Pinoy Chit-Chat
Contributed by GOwin
What is Pinoy Chit-Chat?
Pinoy Chit-Chat is a thread primarily for Pinoys at ESATO, but everyone else is welcome.

A thread for exchanging ideas, opinions, and what-have-yous about local matters (for local Pinoys) and updating each other (for Pinoys outside the Philippines.)

What does Pinoy mean?
Pinoy is a local slang for a citizen of the Philippines. Formally, we are called Filipinos.

What does Pinas mean?
Pinas is truncated from the word Pilipinas, the local term for our country the Philippines.

Who posts at Pinoy Chit Chat (PCC) Recommended Read!!
Look at the PCC Poster's Profile thread for this info.

What is the address of arnoldc's wap site? new!!
Please go to

Are there any rules when posting at the Chit-Chat thread?
There really aren't any hard and fast rules for posting at Chit-Chat. Since this thread is still part of the ESATO community, all ESATO rules hold true in this thread.

However, we have Chit-Chat posting guidelines which we hope everyone would try to follow.The Chit-Chat thread is not meant to be a localized version of the ESATO community. Everyone is encouraged to post their messages in the proper forums for their questions about their phones. Sometimes, there are discussions about local operators and settings but if the matter would be of any use to non-Pinoys, please post them outside Chit-Chat so we also contribute to the growth of the ESATO community as a whole.
We also have a market place forum. If you intend to sell any wares (or looking for any) please post them there. A post showing your link to your message in the market place is OK.
This is the un-official cyber-tambayan of the CLUB/GROUP. We always want to hear about your opinions and experience on issues that may affect the Club/Group, but if the issues are sensitive (especially about negative experiences and naming names), we encourage you to send a PM or an email instead to any of the interim officers of the Club/Group instead (Handsome Puppy, arnoldc, babynino, GOwin.) You could still post your experience, but we hope you won't post the names until we could get a response about the allegation from the other party. I believe this is fair for you, and the other party.

Are there Off-topic subjects in PCC? new!!
Yes. All matters pertaining to the following have been moved to their own dedicated threads:
Semicon queries thread
Smartnet queries thread
phoneparadise.comTactel MMS Gateway
Buying/Selling of Phones and Accessories forum
Rants, raves and requests for Ringtones, Themes, Screensavers @ You Know where

Are there anything else? new!!
PCC is very dynamic, just watch out for announcements. But here is a simple rule: If the subject you wish to post is not PARTICULAR to philippine users, most likely you can post it in the international part of the forum. Read some of the previous posts, to get a feel of how things work.

Contact Numbers to Remember
SonyEricsson Philippines Helpdesk (02)635-1860~61
Ericsson Philippines Trunkline) (02) 637-1600
Service Points
Semicon Rockwell Center (Makati) (02)8980261~62
Semicon-Main (Pasig) (02) 681-4965
SmartNet (Ortigas Center) (02) 896-1140, 896-1474, 896-1837, 896-2639, 896-3282 , 896-5753; Fax: 8970312

Dictionary 101
PCC - Pinoy Chit-Chat
PEB - Pinas EB
EB - Eye Ball. Slang for get together occassions.
PSEUG - Philippine SE Users Group/Club

Please let me know if there are corrections and/or suggestions for other info you wish to include in FAQito

I haven't attended an EB (or, I wanna get scared) Where can I find the pictures of the "members"?
The Philippine SonyEricsson Users Club- SE Ph Club gallery

I heard that PCC and PSEUG just got featured in the Esato news, where is the article?
Yep, laffen (the webmaster and owner of the site) seems to have ran out better news to tell and decided to feature the group. Read his article: True SonyEricsson fans live in the Philippines

Is there a faster way of setting up my phone?
Yes, it's called OTA (or Over the Air) configuration.

For GLOBE users, type "Go {choose from: T39, T65, T68, R520}" and send to 2951. It will cost you 2.50

For SMART users, type "SET GPRS T68" and send to 211. I don't know what other models can be used, and how much they charge.

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Posted: 2002-05-19 16:01:00
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yiz19 Posts: 60

Threads/posts of possible special interest to Pinoys: (Please keep in mind that some of the links posted here are in the "international" part of the board, so please write in English)

Philippine SonyEricsson Users Group (PSEUG)
Vision, Mission, Objectives discussions

GPRS setup for your phones (R520, T39, T65, T68)

PC/Notebook setup for using your phone as a modem.
GPRS for Notebooks and PCs
Setup for IR, Cable (DRS-10, DRS-11, modified service cable), and Bluetooth .

PDA settings and discussions
PalmOS (Palm, Sony, Handspring)
PocketPC (Ipaq, Jornada) [small](no existing PPC-related thread. will update this as soon as there's one)[/small]

SyncML Discussions
Weblicon thread, corporate website

EB - Eye-Ball thread
Pinas EB

Historical Threads - locked or inactive Ahh ... remember the days when 50 or so posts are considered long threads already?:D
Pinas EB incarnations- Original, Second, Third

Pinoy Chit-Chat incarnations- Original, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth

Sony Ericsson Filipino Users (Originally "T68 Filipino Users") - First thread, Second Thread

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Posted: 2002-05-19 16:04:00
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arnoldc Posts: > 500

@GOwin, yiz, so my biggest problem is i know there are *NO* replacement units available... so paano na koh?! hu hu hu
Posted: 2002-05-19 16:07:00
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yiz19 Posts: 60

@GOwin: Man...I just realized that you've got more than 1k posts already!! Grabe...addict, ah!

@Master arnoldc: Oo nga, noh!! Hmmm...wala ka bang T68 na maa-arbor from anyone??

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Posted: 2002-05-19 16:09:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

Sorry for the interruption.

We now return you to your regular dose of PCC!
Posted: 2002-05-19 16:10:00
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tutut17 Posts: 1

hi, i'm kindda new here. just wanna ask, is there a remedy for non-working bluetooth on my t39. sw upgrade lang ba ang kailangan? thanks!
Posted: 2002-05-19 16:11:00
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GOwin Posts: > 500

Welcome to ESATO and Pinoy Chit-Chat (PCC). Galing ng timing mo, fresh na fresh ang thread na ito

re: your problem. If it's a HW problem, it won't get resolved by a SW upgrade. I suggest you bring it to Semicon for a check-up. If it's a warrantied phone (bought from authorized distributors) and they find any problem, they'll replace it (if the replacement units are already in - daming naghihintay e. Silip ka sa dating thread, haba ni pila )

pray that the BoC people release the shipment soon (like this week?). I believe that's the only reason for the delay of replacement units?

Buti you got your wife a T65, may mahihiraman ka pa rin ng phone.

hehehe. i don't bother with the numbers anymore. all i know is that this site is fun!

Nite peeps. Tomorrow's a Monday - Pogie's favorite day!

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Posted: 2002-05-19 16:14:00
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yiz19 Posts: 60

@tutut17: Welcome! Ummm...sorry, can't help you with that...just wanted to say welcome. Let the more techie people around here help ya...
Posted: 2002-05-19 16:15:00
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arnoldc Posts: > 500

@tutut17, your phone might have a damaged bluetooth RF. go to smartnet and have it checked.
Posted: 2002-05-19 16:18:00
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