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inorog Posts: 89

Check this one out.

I guess 3G isn't all that what's cracked up to be and 2G (i.e. handsets like P910/P900) is still going to stay around for a while.

Posted: 2004-12-03 02:33:28
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libben Posts: 99

Well, it's not that hard to realize that 3g wasnt gonna be a big hit, dont take it wrong, its a hit allright, but not in a global scale.
it's gonna take more the 2 more years until we may see the light of 3g phones only. I would say even more years like 4-5 before its all 3g ofcourse it will have gsm a bit more, but the phones will not be sold with only gsm as today.

And who knows, maybe there is a new net out then, but don't count on it, it's so much investigated in 3g. They wont cut it and loose the money.
Posted: 2004-12-03 02:47:37
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BigFeat Posts: > 500

I think the Chap is right about stating that the popularity of 3G is market based now. I have a couple Japanese phones that really exploit the powers of 3G like streaming videos/ videophone conferencing and GPS coordinates/maps delivered straight to the handset at record speeds. Online gaming seems to be a growing popularity on 3G handsets and TV streams are becoming common place. However, this technology seems to be at a slow crawl in the Western market. This will take a while to blossom globably as Wi-Fi isn't really fully functional in most local markets yet because most hot-spot locations seems to be a pay-per-use service at the moment.
Posted: 2004-12-03 04:47:40
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OluYom Posts: > 500

That article reflects the Iittle I have been ble to gather about 3g. "problems accessing 3G services successfully and consistently" is a complaint I have heard from users. Of course, there are other issues as well. I'm looking at another 2 - 4 years for 3g to become a truly global phenomenom.
Posted: 2004-12-03 05:06:00
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voda_jon Posts: > 500

hi everyone... this report is a load of crap.... the phones they used to test the networks were pre-launch handsets... namely the Z1010 and the samsung z105... when they tested the vodafone network the new LIVE! portal hadnt been launched and none of the services where running at 100%. they were using the older live system which didnt have streaming or full track music downloads... the network didnt fully support the handsets and coverage was at a minimum...

And trust me the difference between the samsung z105 (which was vodafones main test handset) is astronomical... i've got both an its crazy the differences.
Posted: 2004-12-17 21:25:00
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