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laffen Posts: > 500

Sorry for the lengthly server downtime. I was updating the main web server when everything went wrong. We received a large number of hack attempts yesterday from a large number of infected PHP web servers. I had to shut down the server for a couple of hours.
Posted: 2004-12-21 06:20:10
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laffen Posts: > 500

Some of you might be aware of the phpBB worm traversing the net the last couple of days. This worm spread itself from web server to web server on machines running the same forum system as Esato. The worm spread itself by sending an attacking code as the part of the URL. The worm searched Google for sites with pages named viewtopic.php and infected these site. We have registered more than 3000 attack attempts the last couple of days, but since the software used for running the Esato forum is modified beyond recognition, this had no implication on us.

The worm only infected web sites. No web surfers can be infected. Anyway, we have updated the server software to the latest version and was unavailable a couple of hours this morning because of that.

More info on the subject[....]eads_through_phpbb_forums.html

Posted: 2004-12-22 11:14:44
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